Streamlining Processes with Top-Notch Software: Key Reasons to Build a Mobile App

Ilya Vishnevskiy

Ilya Vishnevskiy

Resource Director

Mobile Development
Sep 1, 2022
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  1. The current state of the market
  2. Industries that use mobile apps in business
  3. Gaming
  4. Finance
  5. Healthcare
  6. Media and entertainment
  7. Retail
  8. Automotive
  9. Reasons to build a mobile app
  10. Benefits of mobile apps for enterprises and SMEs
  11. Benefits for end-users
  12. Building a mobile app for business: things to consider
  13. Conclusion

According to Statista, in 2023, the number of mobile users worldwide will reach 7.33 billion. In 2022, 255 billion apps were downloaded. For companies, the most important reason to build mobile apps is their incredible performance. With high-quality digital products, they get a competitive edge and attract new customers. In this article, Andersen’s experts reveal the benefits of mobile apps.

The current state of the market

In 2022, the global app market was estimated at $206.85 billion. It is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% from 2023 to 2030. These striking figures prove that investing in mobile application development has already become commonplace. The predominant market segments are games, media and entertainment, shopping, fitness and healthy lifestyle, online banking, and traveling.

Percentages of mobile using

In the third quarter of 2022, Google Play with over 3.55 million offers was the largest store followed by Apple. Over five million solutions are available for download on both platforms.

The most promising technologies nowadays are AI-based chatbots, voice assistants, improved analytics and personalization tools, VR- and AR-powered gamification elements, increased security with biometric authentication, and enhanced payment options thanks to integrations with third-party APIs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. They offer many benefits for companies and customers alike.

Industries that use mobile apps in business

Our mobile application development company cooperates with representatives of such industries as Logistics, Healthcare, FinTech, eCommerce, and more. The impeccable quality of Andersen’s feature-rich solutions is the reason why most of our customers return.


Statista says that gaming accounts for more than half of app revenue worldwide. You can find them in Andersen’s portfolio as well. Take BetLakes, for example. This live-streaming app has such benefits as superior streaming quality and enhanced payment protection. It was developed for viewers who want to gamble while watching sports events.

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Mobile banking has many benefits. Quick transactions and ease of use are the main reasons behind its ever-increasing popularity. People can now manage their money, pay for services, and transfer funds quickly and securely. Our professionals have built dozens of top-quality FinTech apps. One of them is an Android and iOS-based digital banking solution allowing end-users to perform B2B operations seamlessly.

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People who are concerned about their health and lifestyle resort to solutions for fitness, meditation, vital signs monitoring, nutrition, and more. Clinics and hospitals also need high-performance healthcare deliverables to improve clinical workflows and patient care. As the demand is growing, IT companies constantly build new software. EHRs/EMRs, tools for analytics, telehealth, and more – our developers have successfully provided multifaceted healthcare deliverables. Our efficient health and fitness solution is an example of this. Scheduling workouts and creating individual meal plans are just a few of its benefits.

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Media and entertainment

In 2023, about half of all smartphone users will view movies, live events, and other videos on their phones and tablets. As a result, the demand for live-streaming and VOD will increase even more. In addition, social media platforms generate about one-tenth of the app market revenue. These are important reasons why developers pay special attention to this sector. Our company keeps up with current media and entertainment trends. This innovative iOS product for the Globe TV channel proves the expertise of our developers and enhances the user experience for video content consumers.

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Many people shop through their smartphones and tablets. The social commerce market alone shows impressive annual growth of approximately 30% and is predicted to reach $2 trillion by 2024. Our developers have built high-performance products for many Retail and eCommerce firms. For instance, this successful tool facilitates order processing and warehouse management. With its help, a large wholesaler managed to streamline processes and improve their workflow.

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People perform more than half of all automotive searches on smartphones and tablets. This is one of the reasons why industry leaders target these devices. Our offerings for Automotive and Logistics are of excellent quality. These real-time vehicle diagnostics and navigation tools are among the most efficient solutions built by our professionals.

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Reasons to build a mobile app

Enterprises and SMEs turn to IT vendors for many reasons. Let’s find out why your business needs a mobile app.

Benefits of mobile apps for enterprises and SMEs

Partnership with a successful mobile application development company allows you to reap the following benefits:

  • Boost your revenue. Personalized user experience is a significant benefit of well-built software. You can target ads at certain user groups or individuals. They improve interaction with customers who can purchase your goods or services in a few clicks. Subscriptions, promotions, and coupons urge clients to buy even more.
  • Increase trust in your company. Creating a strong brand image is a good reason to build a mobile app. An innovative solution and an efficient marketing campaign increase customers’ awareness of the impeccable quality of services.
  • Carry out marketing activities more efficiently. Enhanced analytics based on your customers’ data helps you conduct marketing campaigns efficiently and improve targeting. By considering the needs, habits, and behavior of your clients, you will offer them the right services.

Benefits for end-users

End-users enjoy the following benefits of mobile apps:

  • They are easy to use. Convenience is the main reason why users download such software. A solid solution with clear navigation and a pleasing interface will help your clients perform operations seamlessly. Should they need any assistance, a chatbot or a customer support agent will provide all the necessary information.
  • They are customized. High-level personalization is one of the most obvious advantages of mobile apps. A solution securely stores users’ preferences, previous choices, and social media data. This information simplifies the customer journey, allows users to benefit from loyalty programs, and improves their interaction with your company.
  • All processes take place in real time. With real-time notifications on offers and transactions, clients stay informed about the most important events and changes.