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A Sports Betting App for the iGaming Industry

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A Sports Betting App for the iGaming Industry

About the client

The customer was a large business operating in the Entertainment sector, producing online and physical gaming products.

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Project overview

Andersen was hired by an iGaming company to help with an app to stream various sporting events and enable viewers to gamble while watching a match. The task for our team was to build a system with high-quality live streaming and functions for real-time interaction.

duration9+ months
Concept illustration
User account pages in the sports betting app

Application functionality

  • In-game betting and live streaming
  • Variety of betting options like money lines, point spreads, futures, etc.
  • Fast and safe payouts
  • Calculation of the maximum payout from the user's bet
  • Easy registration with instant approval



We have delivered a software system where the front-end part is built using Swift 5/Clean Swift (VIP) and the back-end part is built using Java with Spring.


  • Significant growth in client base within the first month of launch;
  • 4.7 average review rating from users;
  • Wide range of betting options and fast payouts;
  • Easy registration and instant approval ensured;
  • Developed within nine months.

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