Project overview

Andersen has cooperated with a large firm from the entertainment sphere, which provides online and physical gaming products. Together, we have worked on an app that streams various sporting events and enables viewers to gamble while watching a match. The task for Andersen’s team was to build a system with high-quality live streaming and functions for real-time interaction.

duration9+ months
Concept illustration
User account pages in the sports betting app

Application functionality

  • In-game betting and live streaming
  • Variety of betting options like money lines, point spreads, futures, etc.
  • Fast and safe payouts
  • Calculation of the maximum payout from the user's bet
  • Easy registration with instant approval



We have delivered a software system where the front-end part is built using Swift 5/Clean Swift (VIP) and the back-end part is built using Java with Spring.


  • Significant growth in client base within the first month of launch;
  • 4.7 average review rating from users;
  • Wide range of betting options and fast payouts;
  • Easy registration and instant approval ensured;
  • Developed within nine months.

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