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An Application for Samsung Smart TVs

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John Specter

John Specter

Deputy Director at Samsung electronics

"Andersen showed us how to develop a high-quality solution"

An Application for Samsung Smart TVs

About the client

The customer was one of Samsung's affiliates. As such, this company works on the forefront of tech progress and hence only employs the best software vendors.

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Project overview

An affiliate producing equipment for Samsung contacted our team and asked to build an innovative entertainment solution. Its main objective was to improve the UX of the customer's end clients using Samsung Smart TVs. Practically, it was planned to enable end-users to access video content via any device, watch TV shows, and manage their TV sets with a remote control app. Therefore, due to the rapid growth of video content sharing practices, the customer wanted to develop an app enabling its end-users to view movies and popular TV channels via both existing and new smart TVs.

duration25 months
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The entertainment solution's interface


A thorough analysis of the customer's business requirements

Andersen's Business Analysts carefully assessed over 100 different TVs associated with the customer. The mission was to find the best way to build an innovative and quick application to cover both existing and new electronic products. More than that, since this app was supposed to match all end users' needs, our Business Analysts examined more than 50 competitors and identified features that were not available on the customer's existing applications.

Development of an application for a wide range of TV models

A reliable base to develop an application for a wide range of TV models was constituted by a close collaboration between Andersen’s developers and the customer’s representatives. During the main development stage, our IT specialists applied the latest technologies to create a software solution capable of swiftly operating on devices with the minimum amount of RAM. Finally, a cross-platform app supporting over 55 modern TV models was developed.


Implementation of smart typing tips

Text input is the most inconvenient action that smart TV users face. In order to simplify this process, smart tips were added to the application. Now, users can see the right spelling for full words and phrases when they start to type them on the app.

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The smart typing feature in the search bar
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The streaming services page with recommendations

Intuitive navigation through the library

Andersen’s team has enabled the customer's users to easily and conveniently navigate through the library of the available video content. As an result, they can find, save, and view their preferred shows, movies, and TV series quickly and without difficulties.

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The library menu showing viewing history

Streaming services

Online entertainment is becoming the top choice for many viewers all over the world. In order to ensure the best possible UX, our experts envisioned an optimized layout and user journeys for those who prefer this type of entertainment.

Project results

  • After the app launch, the sales of the customer's TVs increased by 3%
  • Moreover, almost 15% of end-users use the app for smart TVs as the main point


of clients reported their full satisfaction within six months after the launch of the application


higher client engagement rate

Customer review


John Specter

Deputy Director at Samsung electronics



There were some difficulties at the start of the project because we had to spend much time on requirements elicitation. But then Andersen suggested us to add a business analyst and the job went well. Finally, I was able to focus on business objectives instead of project control. Andersen showed us how can outsource vendors develop an expensive solution with high quality.