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An Event Management System for the Entertainment Industry

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Antti Paukku
Antti Paukku

Software Architect at Management Events

"Andersen's Front-End engineers conducted themselves with the utmost dedication"

An Event Management System for the Entertainment Industry

About the client

It is an event management company and networking solution provider. The company thoroughly organizes and optimizes every single applicable aspect of event management.

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Project overview

Our customer is a company engaged in managing business events. The company’s activity caters for thorough organization and optimization of every single aspect and hence requires software that would automate the business processes, as well as store and edit all the necessary information. Also, there was a need for a software solution to manage the customer’s extensive client base. The development of this solution was entrusted to the Andersen team.

duration48 months
MS SQL Server


Jira, TestRail, Trello, JMeter, 2019, Selenium, Extent report, Figma

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The interface of the business event management solution


  • The testing process was not set
  • No defect management process
  • Insufficient park of real devices for testing iOS and Android app


  • We established the QA process and normalized the communication between Dev and QA teams
  • The application was covered with test documentation
  • We made Andersen’s pool of real devices available for testing
  • We automated testing process and implemented a script that automatically creates bugs from failed tests

Project results

  • Effective early testing significantly reduced the risk of errors;
  • Considerable time was saved on QA, while maximum accuracy and quality were achieved;
  • The test coverage of 90% ensured a high level of confidence in the software's functionality and reliability;
  • A comprehensive QA process led to a 40% reduction in the time spent on testing, allowing for more efficient use of resources and faster development cycles;
  • The event management system was able to handle the customer's extensive client base, streamlining their business processes and improving overall efficiency;
  • Test automation helped to reduce the risk of errors, leading to a more robust and stable software solution.

Customer review

Antti Paukku

Software Architect at Management Events



Throughout the duration of the project, from requirements gathering to implementation, the Front-End engineers of Andersen have conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and dedication to the process transformation project. The people at Andersen fulfilled their obligations taking into account our best interests. Their sincere interest in wanting to help us achieve our goals was readily apparent throughout the development process.

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