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Mobile investment software

Develop from scratch totally secured iOS and Android apps for traders, investors, advisors, and financial managers to meet all market expectations and trends.

Mobile trading software

Create iOS and Android mobile trading software via native or cross-platform technologies.

  • Custom trading software for online investing from mobile devices designed to cater to your needs

  • Integration with third-party venues via APIs and special bridges

  • Localization of solutions and their adaptation to regional requirements

  • Flexibility with backend options: based on DXOMS, third-party backend, or special custom systems with a whole range of asset classes

  • Integration of interactive charts with real-time data for your investment software solution

Personal finance mobile software

Simplify the whole process via easy-to-use and custom-made mobile wealth management software

  • Custom software for fund tracking

  • Real-time view, tracking, and management of funds

  • Software to onboard legal entities & individuals

  • Financial reports development for mobile devices

  • Portfolio review, financial performance monitoring, and market comparisons with the help of a custom-created financial mobile app

Investment mobile apps

Let your customers gather portfolio values, a summary of their holdings, intelligent insights on their broad investments, etc.

  • Smart investment advice solution

  • Portfolio management & holding summary software

  • Regulatory compliance software modules

  • Performance reporting software tools

Financial software testing and QA services

Upgrade the quality of your financial software with a certified QA team

  • Automation testing services

  • Manual testing services

  • Managed testing services

  • Custom financial testing services

Financial UI/UX design studio

Our financial design studio builds and supports elegant apps that are created specifically for your business needs.

  • Design services for trading platform

  • Design audit for mobile and web-based financial apps

  • Financial web and app design and redesign

Financial security

Our expertise and capabilities in financial data protection allow us to equip your financial app with the ultimate level of security.

  • Infrastructure of financial application security analysis

  • Providing secure financial data migrations to cloud solutions and ensuring their protection

  • Technical compliance with the regulatory financial requirements

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