Asset Management Software

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Asset management software

Andersen provides net-worth individuals, government entities, corporations, and financial intermediaries with custom-created asset management software to grow client portfolios over time while mitigating risks.

Financial UI/UX design studio

Our Financial design studio builds and supports elegant apps that are created specifically for your business needs.

  • Design services for financial asset management software

  • Design services for wealthtech applications

  • Financial web and app design and redesign

Financial security

Andersen's expertise and capabilities in financial data protection allow us to equip your financial app with the ultimate level of security.

  • Infrastructure of financial application security analysis

  • Providing secure financial data migration to cloud solutions and ensuring their protection

  • Technical compliance with regulatory financial requirements

Wealth management software

Custom-created asset management solutions built with a modern tech stack for financial software.

  • Client and relationship management tools

  • Sales cycle tracking software

  • KYC financial data collection workflows

  • Asset classification tools

  • Multi-level performance analysis software

  • Real-time client view and in-depth information

  • Market Risk Analytics tools development

  • Financial reporting software

  • Tools to manage financial activities

Robo advisor development

Integrate an automated platform that provides financial advice and investment portfolio management services with minimal human intervention into your custom financial software.

  • Self-registration and self-onboarding for clients

  • Financial chatbot development

  • Advanced document management software

  • Client risk profiling software, scoring, and auto-matching with relevant investment strategies

  • Automatic portfolio construction and regular rebalancing

  • Multiple asset-class and multi-currency products, including ETFs and mutual funds

  • Automated client communications, compliance, and risk monitoring

  • Dynamic and automated reporting, alerts

  • Integration with custodian banks, fund managers, and market data providers

Asset management software

Create asset management software that will help your clients efficiently and confidently manage investment strategies across diverse financial portfolios, funds, and market mandates.

  • 360° view for clients’ and funds’ investments monitoring

  • Financial asset management software

  • Portfolio management software

  • Multi-asset class support, including traditional and alternative investment types

  • Real-time transaction processing and evaluations

  • Functionality for reconciliation, cash flows, and fees management

  • Multi-dimensional performance reporting and analysis metrics

  • Sub-ledger module for setting up and exporting accounting entries and several portfolio accounting reports

  • Extensive reporting tools for any type of portfolio and user role

  • On-demand or scheduled reports generation and custom report generator tool for reporting views

  • Digital asset management software development

Financial software testing and QA services

Upgrade the quality of your financial software with a certified QA team

  • Automation testing services

  • Manual testing services

  • Managed testing services

  • Custom financial testing services

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