Investment Compliance Development

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Investment compliance development

Transform your compliance operations and confidently navigate through financial services and trading regulations.

Rules and documentation analysis software

Reduce operational costs with the help of custom-made financial analysis software.

  • Financial integration of AI and ML

  • Software modules for jurisdictional comparisons

  • Investment compliance reporting solutions

Financial security

Our expertise and capabilities in financial data protection allow us to equip your financial app with the ultimate level of security.

  • Infrastructure of financial application security analysis

  • Providing secure financial data migrations to cloud solutions and ensuring their protection

  • Technical compliance with the regulatory financial requirements

Customer onboarding software

Reduce risks with the help of customer onboarding software made from scratch by the Andersen team of experts.

  • Financial KYC / AML modules

  • Integrations with financial CRM and CLM systems

  • Software to onboard legal entities & individuals

  • Verification module and ID authenticity

  • Solutions to extract information from identification documents (OCR)

  • Biometric authentication via face matching

  • AML Screening - PEP, sanctions and watch lists, custom connection to databases via APIs

  • Rest API driven solutions

Business analysis for financial software

Reduce costs and create tech specifications for future development. By analyzing your business processes from various angles, our financial software experts make sure your idea is technically feasible and then suggest an action plan.

  • Research documents

  • Point of view document

  • Functionality specs

  • Feature list

  • User flows

  • Diagrams

  • Wireframes

Investment compliance software

Build secured trading software fully compliant with different regulations regarding data tracking

  • Reg D, Blue Sky, FATCA, CRS, AIFMD. Form PF, GDPR, MAS

  • Custom modules to track pre- and post-investment profiles to ensure compliant marketing, communications, and data policies

  • KYC data collection workflows, profiling, scoring, and activities management

  • Real-time client view and in-depth information

Financial software testing and QA services

Upgrade the quality of your financial software with a certified QA team

  • Automation testing services

  • Manual testing services

  • Managed testing services

  • Custom financial testing services

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