Core Banking Software Solutions

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Core banking software solutions

Improve the business efficiency of your banking institution via custom software for your core activities. As a result, you will benefit from better workflows, customer relations, data-driven decision-making, resource planning, etc.

Core banking system implementation (customization)

  • Core banking system modernization and core banking software architecture design

  • International and domestic payment transactions

  • Core banking platform architecture modularization

  • BIAN implementation

  • API connectivity layer

  • Replacement of Oracle PL/SQL by modern stacks (Java, .Net, Scala, GOlang, etc)

Custom banking ERP solutions

  • SAP ERP integration

  • Custom ERP module development

  • ERP integration with CRM and with a core banking system

  • e-Learning banking solutions

  • Human resources management solution

  • Real-time financial accounting

Custom banking e-document management systems

  • Electronic document interchange solutions (EDI)

  • Banking Document flow management

  • Banking Record management systems

  • Content management systems (ECM) implementation

  • Workflow automation for creating, editing, and managing financial documents

  • Customization of Sharepoint, Alfresco, AEM solutions

Custom treasury management solutions

  • Asset liability management (ALM) software

  • Margin calculation software, financial reporting software solutions

  • Real-time solutions for pricing, dealing, exposures, limit keeping, and profitability

  • Cash flow forecasts automation

  • FX risk management software development

  • TMS integrations (e.g. Kyriba)

Custom KYC, AML, and regulatory compliance software solutions

  • Digital customer onboarding solutions

  • Regulatory compliance monitoring software

  • Biometric solutions and identity verification tools

  • OCR extraction for KYC/AML checks

  • Account monitoring and transaction tracking software

  • Onfido API integration, Jumio API integration, BioCatch API integration, and IDnow API integration

  • LexisNexis API integration and Dun & Bradstreet API integration

Custom payment processing solutions

  • Custom payment gateway development

  • SWIFT and SEPA integration

  • Mobile payment integration with NFC, QR code, and RFID barcode technologies

  • Apple Pay integration, Android Pay integration, Google Wallet integration

  • Banking transaction processing system

Custom banking CRM solutions

  • Custom banking CRM development and modernization

  • Salesforce for banking implementation

  • 360° client view

  • CRM integration with CBS and digital channels

  • Next best offer software development (NBO)

  • Banking marketing management software

  • Personalized banking

  • Communication management system

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