Banking Digital Transformation

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Banking digital transformation

Andersen’s team can help you transform your banking business into a truly digital one. Automate business processes, secure seamless transactions, effectively manage and improve your IT structures, and make your business ever-ready for new challenges.

IT architecture transformation

  • Digital banking architecture development

  • Bank microservices architecture design

  • BIAN implementation

  • Banking Solution Architects

  • Banking Enterprise Architects

  • Banking security architecture

Custom agency banking solutions

  • Customer onboarding (KYC)

  • Transactions through agents

  • Cash in and cash out transactions

  • Bill payments and currency exchange

  • Local and international remittances

  • Requests for money from friends

Banking chatbot solutions

  • Custom chatbots for banking

  • AI-driven chat-bots

  • Conversational banking

  • Banking chatbot API integrations

Banking legacy applications modernization

  • Core banking systems modernization

  • Migration from mainframes

  • Migration to opensource software and PostgreSQL

  • Banking application redesign

Banking business process automation

  • Banking back-office automation

  • BPM banking software solutions

  • Camunda BPM implementation

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) for banking

  • Banking workplace automation

  • Remote workplace development

  • Digitalization of the bank branches

Migration to the Cloud

  • Migration of banking applications to Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud

  • Hybrid and private cloud for banks

  • Banking IT Infrastructure management

  • CI/CD implementation in bank

  • DevOps and DevSecOps for bank

  • Certified cloud engineers and cloud architects experienced in banking

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