Banking Big Data Solutions

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Banking big data solutions

Our high-end Big Data and ML engineers are building bank fraud prevention software which improves customer onboarding as well as credit scoring systems

Custom machine learning solutions

Expand your market share, deepen client relationships, and compete effectively to win new clients.

  • Financial data analysis software

  • Banking processes automation solutions

  • ML-based risk management systems

  • Financial fraud prevention solutions

  • Banking fraud detection software

  • Automated reporting on suspicious activity

  • Financial data collection and custom visualization solutions

Custom AI solutions

Strengthen your banking solution with AI-powered tools.

  • AI-based chatbots

  • Automated fraud detection

  • AI-powered fraud prevention

  • AI-driven data gathering

  • AI-driven next best offer (NBO) solutions

  • AI-based financial risk management software

  • Automated financial data analysis

  • Retail banking AI robo-advisor solutions

Data warehouse (DWH) implementation, data lakes implementation, and ETL software development

Data services to build solutions for banks, including the development of such modern features as:

  • Financial enterprise data management

  • Financial reporting and analysis software

  • Customer behavior analysis software

  • Banking solutions for personalized offering

  • Banking data management software

Data governance framework implementation

Build a single source of reliable information for every contact and account across all the tools and systems within your organization.

  • Customer lifecycle management software

  • Financial data cleaning software

  • Financial big data management

  • Data quality control software

  • Customer data reporting solutions

Custom business intelligence (BI) solutions

Automate financial reporting and deliver daily performance dashboards to measure, monitor, and manage performance with actionable daily insights.

  • Regulatory reporting software

  • Product performance analytics

  • Financial forecasting solutions

  • Dashboard modules integration

  • Real-time reporting tools

  • Financial data monitoring solutions

  • Banking data visualization and integration of BI tools (Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Tibco, Spotfire, Qlick View, Qlick Sense, Cognos, etc.)

Predictive analytics solutions

ML to detect fraud, accelerate application screening, and make informed buy-sell decisions.

  • Financial planning tools

  • Financial forecasting tools

  • Statistical analysis software

  • Financial decision-making software

  • Financial data visualization tools

  • Transaction monitoring software

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