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UI/UX Redesign for Airline SaaS

Travel & Hospitality
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UI/UX Redesign for Airline SaaS

About the client

Andersen's customer is a leading provider of SaaS solutions within the global Travel industry, specializing in managing mission-critical operations for clients across the Aviation, Tour & Cruise, and Hospitality sectors. Their aviation software encompasses fleet and crew operations, aircraft maintenance, passenger services, loyalty programs, staff travel, and air cargo management. Additionally, the customer operates a real-time B2B and B2C distribution platform, facilitating access to hotel room inventory, rates, and availability for a diverse network of hospitality companies and channels worldwide. In the Tour & Cruise industry, they offer a comprehensive digital platform featuring client-centric solutions for both onboard and onshore online operations. Presently, the company operates from 15 offices worldwide, solidifying its global presence and impact.

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About the project

This UI/UX initiative was launched with a clear objective – to reinforce the customer's market-leading position by delivering an unparalleled UX. The project aimed to modernize the platform's interface using an Angular-based framework and a micro front-end architecture, enhancing usability across its diverse user base. This comprehensive redesign was structured to facilitate the integration of embedded analytics, significantly improving decision-making capabilities for loyalty program managers.

Duration9 months
Customer view
Customer view

Business Context

In the dynamic landscape of the Airline industry, our customer provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution tailored to empower airlines and their loyalty programs. Trusted by renowned clients worldwide, this product is a pivotal tool for managing client relations, partnerships, and program efficiency. Besides offering a comprehensive suite of services, it includes a dedicated contact center to promptly address member inquiries. As the product was edging towards market leadership, highlighted by the recent onboarding of three major airline projects, refining its user experience (UX) became imperative to sustain and elevate its market dominance.


The original UX, characterized by its utilitarian design, was envisioned with an in-house focus that prioritized functionality over user-centered concepts. This approach resulted in a complex interface that, while acceptable to large airlines due to the core engine's flexibility, posed significant hurdles for small to medium-sized operators overwhelmed by its intricacies. The absence of a tailored UX for the distinct roles within the management of loyalty programs further compounded these challenges, necessitating a strategic overhaul to make the platform more accessible and effective for all users.

App functionality

The redesigned application introduced a suite of enhanced functionalities tailored to streamline operations for various user personas. Its key features include:

  • Intuitive navigation system;
  • Advanced member search capability;
  • Nominee management for the Unique Customer Value Program (UCVP);
  • Comprehensive UCVP summaries;
  • Detailed activity logs;
  • Points management;
  • Remarks section for personalized member notes.

These features were meticulously developed by our team to address the core aspects of membership, service center operations, and partnerships, with a particular emphasis on improving service request management and client interaction.

Service requests
Service requests


In order to address the identified challenges, the redesign focused on simplifying the user journey for each identified persona, ensuring that advanced product capabilities did not impede the basic UX. The solution prioritized a modern, user-friendly interface presenting information in a hierarchical, easily digestible manner.

This approach allows users to navigate the platform's extensive capabilities with greater efficiency and confidence, thereby enhancing productivity and user satisfaction. The redesign effort was supported by a multidisciplinary team of designers, Angular engineers, Java specialists, a Project Manager, and QA engineers, ensuring a holistic approach to the project's execution.

Project results

The UI/UX redesign initiative has yielded a substantially enhanced platform, solidifying the customer's position as a market leader and redefining the UX for loyalty program management. The modernized interface, paired with streamlined functionality, has enabled more intuitive and efficient management of loyalty programs for airlines of all sizes. This transformation has resulted in:

  • improved operational efficiencies;
  • heightened user satisfaction;
  • the potential for deeper insights through embedded analytics.

By addressing the critical needs of its diverse user base, the project has delivered significant value to end clients, ensuring the platform's continued relevance and dominance in the competitive Airline industry landscape.

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