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A HIPAA-Compliant TeleHealth Tool for Hospital Staff

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A HIPAA-Compliant TeleHealth Tool for Hospital Staff

About the client

A US healthcare institution reached out to Andersen to develop a TeleMedicine platform with rich functionality and HIPAA-compliant communication tools. This was needed to deliver health services in the period of the pandemic when distance was a critical factor.

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About the project

The U.S. healthcare institution has reached out to Andersen to develop a TeleMedicine platform with rich functionality and HIPAA compliant communication tools, in order to deliver health services in the period of the pandemic, when the distance is a critical factor. The platform had to be integrated with the local EMR and a wearable device for remote patient monitoring between the visits.

duration6 months
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Web and mobile app screens of patient profile pages

Application functionality

  • Custom and multiplatform telemedicine solution (Web, iOS, Android)
  • Integration with hospital EMR
  • Patient friendly environment for video call, telephone call, and medical record review
  • Online scheduling with automated and customizable email / text appointment notifications and reminders
  • Interactive virtual room with educational materials available for reading on a particular disease
  • High quality video and audio calls through HIPAA compliant APIs
  • Store-and-forward functionality
  • Secure and encrypted transfer of medical scans, documents, and pre-recorded videos
  • Ability to use facial recognition to match person to ID
  • Ability to scan identification cards and insurance cards
  • Ability to monitor platform use and activity (patients, health professionals, and admin)
  • Ability to integrate with wearable devices for remote patient monitoring



Microservices architecture on the backend — Python, Flask, RabbitMQ, CeleryBeat, pytest, pylint PostgreSQL, GraphQL. React, Redux on the frontend. SWIFT and Kotlin for mobile apps.


  • Increase in virtual visits up to 5.000 a week - 46% of total encounters - within 3 months
  • Possibility to simultaneously engage with multiple users in a virtual room: doctors, patient, patient's relatives
  • Integration with EMR provided timely access to patient's past history, lab tests, medical scans - essential for complex monitoring and treatment of long-term conditions
  • Improved patient engagement between the visits: possibility to monitor the biometrics and the symptoms of chronic diseases
  • Improved quality and timeliness of the provider's medical services
  • Increased social distancing ensured keeping incidences of infection down

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