About the client

Andersen's customer, in this business case, was a company seeking to make accommodation and academic travel easier for international students. In this capacity, they wanted to offer a supporting property rental app capable of helping tenants during their stay. The resulting solution was requested to be easy-to-use yet feature-rich and comprehensive.

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About the project

While engineering the ordered web-based tenant support app for property rent, we were entrusted with resolving an entire range of challenges. Among them were the creation of a structure of personal accounts to manage booking processes, as well as the upgrade and optimization of the booking system behind the solution.

Duration24+ months
Node.js (NestJS)
AWS Lambda
PHP laravel
microservices architecture


Git, Docker

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Andersen, as a team of property software experts, was asked to develop a protected and usable property renting web app to support tenants during their stay and manage their bookings via convenient personal accounts. The resulting solution was expected to be seamlessly integrated with an already existing Salesforce software suite to facilitate communication between students and the customer's employees working with them.

App functionality

Andersen provided the customer with the following deliverables for their app for property rent:

  • Personal user accounts, including profile pages, the property rent app homepage displaying the latest updates and exclusive offers, etc.;
  • Payment capabilities, including integrations with such service providers as TransferMate and GoCardless;
  • Infrastructure to create and process support tickets for situations when renters face problems – for instance, when something is broken in a rented property;
  • Opportunity to book premises for social group activities, e.g. movie screenings, via this property rental app;
  • Incident alerts regarding, for instance, water or electricity outages;
  • Notifications of upcoming events and registration for them.


The customer has obtained what was requested – a student housing solution in full, on time, and within the budget. The web tool covers all the relevant needs of the tenants during the entire period of their stay in a particular property.

Project results

The customer now has a ready-to-use solution for booking management and user support throughout the whole academic year. Also, the activities carried out by the customer's personnel have been automated.

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