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Cubyn is a European provider of fulfillment and delivery services working with e-retailers and providing an advanced logistics network for eCommerce businesses.

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Project overview

Cubyn sought to establish a leading logistics network for e-commerce businesses and enhance its fulfillment capabilities. The project was carried out over a period of 11 months, with Andersen playing a key role in several aspects of the eCommerce logistics software product development process, including the creation of new functionalities and microservice architecture, product diagnostics and troubleshooting, and requirements specifications.

Andersen's solution for Cubyn included unique tracking codes for shipments, automated checks for item availability, performance analysis, and extensive inventory management capabilities. The implementation of these features led to a reduction in transit time and an improvement in data accuracy for Cubyn's end clients, greatly enhancing the overall service quality of the company's logistics network.

duration11 months
Node.js ES7




Node.js ES7


React Native




RabbitMQ, Kubernetes

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Andersen's team was involved in several crucial facets of the Cubyn solution. First, our team took part in creating new product functionalities and microservice architecture. Second, Andersen assumed responsibility for the product diagnostics and troubleshooting while maintaining high levels of code quality and performance. Finally, our team was responsible for further specification of requirements needed to develop new functionalities from a technical point of view.

App functionality

  • Usage of unique tracking codes covering quantities, shipment weights, destination points, and required indicators. As a result, end-users of the Cubyn eCommerce logistics solution are in the right position to keep a close eye on their shipments via a single, effective platform. Hence, they can optimize their logistics operations owing to automated tracking updates, thorough insights, and shipment histories.
  • Automated checks for items’ availability coupled with automated initiations of fulfillment processes right after orders are created by stores or marketplaces. The logistics solution delivered is capable of assembling, packing, and shipping orders in collaboration with the most suitable logistics partner. The algorithm forecasts the best possible delivery options per each destination.
  • Performance analysis encompassing the number of orders made, the number and frequency of purchases per each customer, timing differences between orders and deliveries, and delivery costs. Therefore, the platform gives its users a clear and easily comprehensible overview of their expenses and enables them to project their future costs.
  • Extensive inventory management capabilities of this solution, including full visibility and control of every shipment, advanced order fulfillment features, real-time stock monitoring with notifications sent when users need to re-order shipments.

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