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The corporate mission of the customer, in this business case, was to eliminate the complexity and hassle of finding and financing a car. Their auto loan software solution is used by potential buyers to find the best available finance package. The predictive algorithms they apply can identify the most affordable finance offerings for end-users from several dozens of lender products. Such an approach has already allowed over 100,000 people to purchase the car they wanted at a price they could afford.

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Business Context

The customer wanted to upgrade their core business software. Andersen was hired as a tech partner to make it easier for end-users to compare a broad range of trusted lenders and find the best car finance deal available.


Andersen was requested to help the customer with their existing auto loan management software project by enhancing its functionalities and improving a range of UI/UX issues. That is, our task was to modify some interface options and fill the customer's existing UI with new requirements and integrations.

Project overview

This software for lending is another reflection of our competence in FinTech. When we were approached, the customer was looking to bolster the efficiency of their in-house development teams with extra talent for several key directions. These were focused on their core business – i.e. a car finance platform. There, clients can provide relevant information, submit an application for loans, quickly get a decision, and choose from many available cars offered by different suppliers.

Duration12+ months
The main screen
The main screen

App functionality

Among other things, our finance and auto software experts:

  • Added new fields to client forms;
  • Ensured they would pass through all client back-end flows safely and intact. To achive this, we carried out several subprojects;
  • Delivered a new logging system using Logstash to improve data management practices.


The software development experts provided by our company were quickly onboarded to start delivering the required results. Over the entire duration of their engagement, they were universally high-performing and extremely diligent. As a result, the customer has successfully achieved all the goals set, in a cost-effective and thoroughly compliant fashion.

Namely, we significantly upgraded the quality of the front-end part of the main website using JavaScript, React, and CSS. Also, our team worked on improving funnels used for performance monitoring.

As for our back-end team, it delivered new APIs, set up an AWS database, and improved the quality of CI/CD processes.

Project results

As a result of our involvement, the customer has:

  • Updated data flows;
  • Made the front-end part of their auto lending software more responsive and user-friendly.

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