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Skanio Oy is a 3D modeling company with over two decades of experience in the elevator industry. By creating new efficiencies, they strive to outcompete others in the industry. They are aiming to transform building and elevator sales and survey processes by creating a European digital database. By democratizing and uniting the needs and data under the Skanio umbrella, we aim to foster a dynamic ecosystem where innovation and collaboration are the cornerstones of digitalized progress, improving industry competitiveness, transparency, and safety.

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Business Context

In order to address the business challenges inherent in the elevator maintenance and modernization industry, our proposal for a Discovery phase aimed to lay the groundwork for a transformative 3D digital site survey. The inefficiencies of traditional elevator survey methods – characterized by multiple manual surveys, inconsistent data, and logistical complexities – presented a clear need for innovation. Andersen's response to these challenges was a comprehensive proposal for a Discovery phase that would explore the feasibility and impact of implementing a web platform powered by LiDAR technology for a 3D digital site survey of elevators.


The primary challenges that Skanio wanted to address were the inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the traditional elevator survey process. Manufacturers and building owners were burdened with multiple, time-consuming site visits that required specialized training and equipment. This process not only disrupted elevator service but also resulted in varying inconsistencies in measurements and data. Furthermore, the effort to coordinate these activities across multiple companies often led to logistical complications, especially in buildings with limited accessibility. To tackle these issues, Skanio aimed to introduce an innovative scanning solution.

Project overview

The Skanio 3D Digital Site Survey project was conceived as a proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of using a web platform to collect and share 3D scans of elevators. The goal was to create a centralized repository of high-quality, consistent data that would simplify and improve the efficiency of elevator modernization projects. By doing so, Skanio planned to address the key pain points of elevator manufacturers and building owners, such as the need for multiple site visits, inconsistent data, and complex coordination efforts.

Duration3 weeks
Interface Overview
Interface Overview

App functionality

The SKANIO platform offers a suite of features designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of elevator modernization projects:

  • User management. Registration and role assignment for different solution user types;
  • Map of surveys. An interactive map to locate and explore elevator surveys;
  • Building and elevators page. Detailed reports on individual elevators, including 3D models and technical specifications;
  • 3D model view. Tools for interacting with the models to examine details and measurements;
  • Elevator info management. A back-end for SKANIO to manage and share elevator data;
  • Analytics. Data collection and analysis to inform future improvements.


The Discovery phase of the SKANIO 3D Digital Site Survey project yielded a comprehensive solution strategy designed to alleviate the customer's pain points effectively. The proposed solution was a multifaceted web platform that leverages the precision of Lidar technology to create detailed scans of elevators. This innovative approach was expected to bring about several key improvements:

  1. Session scanning. By conducting a LiDAR scanning session, Skanio aimed to eliminate the need for multiple site visits by different stakeholders. This would not only reduce the operational downtime of elevators but also streamline the survey process for modernization projects.
  2. Data consistency and accessibility. The 3D Digital Site Survey platform would be a central repository for all scanned data, ensuring that elevator manufacturers, service providers, and building owners have access to the same high-quality information. This consistency in data would facilitate more accurate planning and quoting for modernization projects.
  3. Enhanced productivity. With detailed models and technical specifications readily available on the platform, stakeholders would significantly reduce the time spent on preliminary surveys and proposal preparations. This efficiency gain would enable elevator companies to focus on the delivery of quality services and innovation.
  4. Improved stakeholder communication. By centralizing data and providing tools for easy sharing and analysis, the scanner was designed to improve communication between building owners, elevator service providers, and manufacturers. This would help in aligning expectations and streamlining the modernization process.

The Discovery phase laid the groundwork for this solution by identifying the technological requirements, designing the initial user interface concepts, and outlining a clear development roadmap for the resulting 3D measurement scanner. The proposed web platform, underpinned by Lidar technology, was poised to set a new standard in the elevator industry, transforming how elevator modernization projects are initiated, planned, and executed.

Interface Overview 2
Interface Overview

Project results

The Discovery phase has successfully laid the groundwork for the Skanio project by defining the technical requirements and designing the initial concepts for the 3D Digital Site Survey web platform. Key results include:

  • A detailed Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document outlining the project scope and objective;
  • Design concepts for the platform's user interface, created in Figma to illustrate the proposed UX of the solution;
  • An assessment of the technological feasibility and potential impact of using LiDAR technology for the elevator scanning solution.

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