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Personal finance solutions

Improve user experience in managing daily transactions, making them user-friendly and more productive.

Custom fintech apps

Financial app development is becoming more demanded and valuable. Design an intuitive and outstanding user experience based on current technology and trends to give your customers efficiency and safety. The most common features are:

  • Fintech app design

  • Biometric security solutions

  • Banking API integrations

  • 3rd party authentication

  • Real-time analytics and statistics

  • Data management tools

  • Financial tracking service

  • AI-driven personal advisors

Implementation of the right features that go well with your niche of Fintech apps make your business thrive and help you maximize revenues. By providing outsourcing financial services, we’ll shape your software product so that you have the functionalities you desire.

Budgeting solutions

Financial forecasting and budgeting products can manage all important data and financial planning processes in one software solution. The most common features are:

  • Display of transaction histories

  • Analytical tools to compile financial data

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Creation of financial plans

  • Financial reporting software

  • Data export capabilities

  • Projection of balances and cash flow

  • Restrictions and alerts

Financial budgeting software has some features that are more important than others and, together with a well-executed implementation process, can be key drivers of success.

Loyalty program platform

Customer loyalty software is a customer retention tool that motivates users to continue buying products from a particular brand instead of those of its competitors. The most common features are:

  • Extensive rewards catalog

  • Dynamic segmentation

  • Interactive dashboards

  • CRM system integration

  • Loyalty program tiers

  • Omnichannel distribution

  • Loyalty reward stacking

A loyalty platform increases customer lifetime value, boosts revenue, drives and displays customer satisfaction. It gathers information about clients and competitors, improves the loyalty of the existing clients, and attracts new ones.

Credit control software

Supports customers in the consolidation, evaluation, and weighting of all available information based on administrable indicators. The most common features are:

  • Automated data processing for ongoing monitoring

  • Management and optimization of credit payments

  • Control and consolidation of credit limits

  • Checks for possible loan provision

  • Overdue fee and debt level control

  • Current and forward payment notification

Сredit control solutions can manage and aggregate credit processes, saving costs and helping debt optimization.

Account aggregation

Account aggregation solutions collect financial data from various sources - including banks, credit cards, and investment accounts - and consolidate it in a single platform to provide a holistic, easily viewed, and comprehensible perspective on an individual's finances. The most common features are:

  • Personal income analysis

  • Automatic categorization of transactions

  • Generation of spending and income plans

  • Integration of accounts and data consolidation

  • AI-driven personal recommendations

Such financial services software stimulates user engagement by providing them with convenient information about transactions in their account.

Expense management software

This software allows for effective control of money flows and solves personal challenges of managing the monetary cycle. The most common features are:

  • Expense tracking and reporting

  • Real-time spending checks

  • Expense data analytics

  • AI-based expense management software

  • Credit card integration

Users can see all expense data in one place, configure settings to their needs, easily enforce or change spending limits, and automatically view receipts and process reports.

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