Choosing the Best Blockchain for dApps: Practical Guide

Artiom Choukanov

Artiom Choukanov

Financial Services Department Consultant

Sep 16, 2022
9 minutes to read
  1. Blockchain dApps: market overview
  2. dApp Blockchain basics
  3. Reasons for building dApps on blockchain
  4. What to consider while choosing the best blockchain for dApps
  5. Five potential routes examined
  6. Conclusion

The current moment is the best one to reflect on the future of dApps as a distinct business phenomenon in general and on the issues of building dApps on blockchain structure in particular. This segment of interest is relatively stable, after all. The never-ending crypto winter many industry players were afraid of a couple of years ago hasn’t come. On the other hand, blockchain hasn’t yet thoroughly revolutionized the world as many observers expected in the late 2010s. Something in-between is taking place. The domain is evolving gradually, in economic and technological terms. No major breakthroughs, no stagnation. Probably, this is the best environment to plunge into this concept.

In this situation, Andersen, in the capacity of a dApp development company, believes it is time to reflect on what the best niches for decentralized tools are now, what the best available blockchain options are for building them, and what your selection criteria might be.

Blockchain dApps: market overview

As of now, the recent developments associated with the market of blockchain dApps look promising. In late 2023, they were illustrated by the following facts and figures from DappRadar, the leading source of decentralized technology news and best insights:

  • There were 15K+ dApps tracked across 64 chains (which is more than the 13K and 50 blockchains covered in 2022);
  • Such a major blockchain industry health indicator as the daily Unique Active Wallets (also known as dAUW, i.e. those distinctive wallets interacting with the dApps’ smart contracts) exceeded 3.5 million. This is an obvious upward trend, if compared with the average level of almost 2.4 million back in 2022;

As for the most popular segments, one can approach this bl