What the Features of Custom Software Are and Why Businesses Need It

Dmitry Pomohaibo

Dmitry Pomohaibo

Head of PMO at Andersen

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Jan 20, 2021
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According to Forbes's research, this year, many companies are in the process of scaling digital operations. What is more, companies are equally interested in both developing internal processes and scaling digital technologies to serve more customers. And whenever a company faces the need to scale digital work, there are two options: get an existing solution or turn to custom software development.

So what is custom software development?

Custom software is the software developed specifically to meet your needs and the needs of your clients. There are always plenty of out-of-the-box solutions containing features that you will never use but have to pay for anyway. At the same time, these solutions often lack key features needed for your enterprise. But when you choose custom-developed software, you get and pay for all the functions and capabilities your business needs - no more, no less.

What are the benefits of custom software?

It is business-oriented

Custom software is not a set of the most useful common functions for a wide range of clients. It doesn’t provide a solution that suits the business area you operate in by default. Customized software development results in a unique solution tailored only for you and your business - to make it more efficient, meet all your needs and the needs of your customers.

Business Analysts will make sure the development team understands the business requirements and accounts for them in the software.

It is cost-effective

Since you only get what your business needs, your resources and budget are not wasted on features you will never use. This makes tailored software cost-effective in the long-term.

Future needs

Custom software development covers both the current and future needs of a business. A highly qualified development team is able to not only create all the necessary functions but also make your software easy to expand for anything you plan to add in the future.


Thanks to tailored software development, you don't have to buy new software every time your business goes through another phase of growth. The development team will prepare your software for possible future scaling.

Thus, when scaling becomes necessary, it will be implemented within a short time and without any changes in functionality. You will keep your software in line with your business needs without losing time.

On one of our projects - Car Transfer Service - the customer was offered options for deploying the project so that it could be easily scaled further. The experienced team also gave recommendations on how to spend less money at each stage of scaling. This allowed us to prepare the software for possible future scaling.

You choose everything

This is your software - make it the way you want it to be. You can choose everything: design, features, functionality, and more.

On Car Transfer Service, all business and design requirements were put forward by the customers. Thus, the final product fully corresponded to their wishes.

Expertise of specialists

Together with the development, you receive the vendor’s expertise. UI/UX experts will make the user interface flawless and create the design following the latest trends and best practices. Technical specialists will select the appropriate technologies to ensure high and stable performance, fault tolerance, and the capability of further software scaling and expansion.

Product quality

The project team must include QA engineers. During the entire development process, they control the quality of the software. QA engineers ensure that the implemented features work as expected while their business value meets the requirements of your business.

You can monitor the progress of work and will receive demo presentations from the team at different stages of development. Therefore, you will be confident that the software developed is going to be exactly what you want and what your business needs.


Since your software is custom-developed, there are no other copies of it except yours. This uniqueness makes the product a more difficult target for the majority of possible attacks. Also, there are cybersecurity experts. They will ensure your software is secure and free from vulnerabilities.

On Car Transfer Service, security was ensured at the development stage. Their repository was authorized-only, and the access could be administered only by the customer, DevOps engineer, and Project Manager.


Since time is a key resource for a business, DevOps engineers will ensure continuous integration and continuous delivery. CI/CD will significantly reduce the time for the delivery of software developers to your servers. This will also ensure the steadiness of delivery, allowing you to receive new updates within a few hours after the developers release a new version.

When developing an application for Car Transfer Servicer, the CI/CD was configured in such a way that a new product version would immediately deploy on the servers as soon as the developers finished it. And if there were any problems with microservices, the developers received a notification with the information about where exactly the problem arose. This enabled us to quickly deliver the product to the client and instantly respond to problems.


There is always the option of personalized support for custom software. The support service will promptly solve all problems, if any, so that the business can work without major interruptions. The development team will support scaling and expanding your business in the future.

We provided support for the Car Transfer Service app during and after the development. Support specialists monitored the status of services and load. Also, they would turn off some services when it was necessary, which saved the customer money.

Is it worth it?

In the short term, custom software can be too expensive, and deployment can take too much time. But if your goals are global and long-term, then custom software is the right choice.

You will receive a highly qualified team of developers and supporting experts, including a Project Manager, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, Business Analysts, DevOps engineers, security experts, and a support team. Your software will scale, expand, and save you money in the long-term.

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