Enterprise Website Design: How to Do It Right?

Igor Netahata

Igor Netahata

Head of the UI/UX Design department at Andersen

Jun 1, 2022
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  1. What goes before website design and development
  2. Enterprise website design strategies
  3. How to choose an enterprise website design company?
  4. How to choose an enterprise website design company?
  5. A video entertainment service
  6. A multimedia project for a world-class car brand
  7. An engineering software platform
  8. To Sum Up

According to Salesforce, over 60% of users in the post-pandemic world spend more time online than ever before. Understandably, they tend to have higher expectations of businesses’ digital presences. The enterprise website design, therefore, marks a turning point in user experience.

Statistically, a website visitor spends a fraction of a second forming an opinion that influences their entire further cooperation with the brand. For large and medium-sized enterprise businesses it might be quite challenging to balance complex business logic and solid content management strategies with elegant cutting-edge design solutions. In this piece, Andersen’s professional UI/UX design experts will share what it takes to create a custom enterprise website that is perfectly aligned with a company’s business mission and increases its performance and marketing metrics several times over.

What goes before website design and development

There are several steps a professional enterprise website design company normally takes before it gets started with design and development. They are a part of the discovery phase performed by Business Analysts. These steps are:

  • formulating a company’s business goals to convey a meaningful message to its audience;
  • conducting thorough marketing research of a business’ value metrics and competitor strategies;
  • identifying the target audience to determine how to design the user-centered interfaces;
  • elaborating a Business Requirements Specification that particularizes the project cost and timelines.

A website is the heart of an enterprise company’s marketing strategy. Not only does it serve as a touchpoint with the brand for the audience, but it’s also a powerful tool for capturing leads and increasing sales. By its means, a business delivers an outstanding experience to its B2B and B2C customers, reaching them wherever they are with the content that is appealing to them.

Given the above, it’s vital that top-notch marketing experts, Business Analysts, and System Analysts make thorough technical and business plans before the enterprise website designers start work. In the course of the research, the vendor’s team assesses the project needs and requirements and performs a gap analysis taking into account such metrics as user retention, conversion and bounce rates, accessibility, and more. The experts devise a content engineering strategy to deliver a consistent, scalable, and maintainable content model. All this work is domain-specific and is performed with regard to the customer’s infrastructure and the audience’s needs.

As a result, the company receives a well-documented prototype with thought-out features and functionality allowing for building a visually attractive and engaging website.

Enterprise website design strategies

To create a website that resonates with its visitors and ensures their seamless navigation through products and services, web developers and enterprise website designers apply the following techniques:

  • proportionally structure the content combining hierarchical, sequential, chronological, topical, and user segmentation approaches;
  • narrow down consumer choices to improve the customer's journey;
  • provide concise navigation for effortless pattern and related content recognition;
  • clearly articulate calls-to-action to shape a well-functioning marketing funnel;
  • execute the mobile-first design to improve the website’s indexing and provide an impressive user experience from any device;
  • integrate the site with digital payment options, social networks, voice recognition systems, VR and AR sensors for comprehensive and immersive customer involvement;
  • utilize personalization elements, predictive analytics, and customer segmentation;
  • ensure data confidentiality and the site’s compliance with the industry requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.);
  • improve brand consistency and recognition by aligning the site’s visual and content components with the company’s tone, aesthetic, and palette.

The above approaches and techniques add value to a website project providing for its greater accessibility and having a positive impact on its conversion and bounce rates.

How to choose an enterprise website design company?

How do you choose a qualified and experienced partner to whom you can entrust your enterprise web design project? When looking for a dependable tech solutions provider, refer to the following criteria:

  • Trusted reviews. Check unbiased ranking platforms assessing top companies based on customer reviews and in-depth market and industry research such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and others;
  • Adherence to world-class standards. Make sure that the company follows the world-renowned best practices in design and development such as the Agile approach, Jakob Nielsen's usability heuristics, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and proven SEO strategies;
  • Proven expertise. Look through the company’s portfolio to find out whether it possesses extensive expertise offering a broad selection of frameworks and domain specialists;
  • Superb quality at a competitive cost. Discuss with the company’s managers the possible pricing models, the project scope, the timelines, the post-development professional support services, and other details of a service-level agreement to be sure you get a premium-quality product at the best price.

How to choose an enterprise website design company?

Andersen has a rich portfolio with scores of successful enterprise web design projects. Below are just a few remarkable examples of our works.

A video entertainment service

Andersen’s UI/UX design team has done a great job delivering the Cimeneye streamline platform project. The enterprise website designers formed the product concept, adroitly grouping the abundance of elements and features around the theme of space and astronomy. This allowed us to create a sophisticated yet ergonomic solution ensuring an immersive experience for thousands of viewers.

Enterprise Website Design Example - Cinemeye

A multimedia project for a world-class car brand

Designing the entertainment e-space for the Mercedes-Benz brand was quite challenging since Andersen’s enterprise website designers had to work out a solution that would be in full harmony with the brand’s luxurious style. The team’s efforts culminated in an interactive and highly engaging Mercedes Me Café concept. The designers managed to skillfully combine the pleasant UI with the seamless UX. As a result, the solution provides its users with the unique experience of ordering meals, enjoying games, and choosing car configurations, all in one platform.

Enterprise Website Design Example - Mercedes

An engineering software platform

Can you imagine combining a cumbersome and complex engineering solution with a convenient and intuitive UI? Andersen’s specialists successfully tackled the challenge by designing the Searchin platform from scratch. Thanks to large-scale UI/UX research and carefully elaborated wireframes, designers managed to create a transparent and well-structured solution. Harmoniously combined colors and appealing illustrations deserve special mention as they synchronize buttons, icons, and multiple navigation elements.

Enterprise Website Design Example - SearchIn

To Sum Up

Since high-end enterprise website design conveys a brand’s message to the audience as they interact with the company’s products and services, every line and color shade becomes meaningful. Therefore, having a well-designed website plays a vital role in forming the inimitable style of your business.

Companies looking for unique web design solutions can discuss their vision with professionals to ensure their every idea will be translated into a consistent, intuitive, and visually attractive UI, providing your users with the greatest possible experience. If your business needs a hand with a web design project, just contact Andersen’s team, and we’ll be delighted to offer you a consultation and further assistance.

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Igor Netahata, Head of the UI/UX Design department at Andersen