The Discovery Phase

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The Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase helps to get a clear understanding of the future product, its architecture, the functionality to be implemented, and the set tools and frameworks to be used during the development.

Possible outcomes of the Discovery Phase


About the service

The Discovery Phase is a research and planning process where Business Analysts, Solution Architects, and other experts closely cooperate to specify the most suitable architectural design, perform the most accurate estimations, and create a roadmap for future development.

Conditions that require a Discovery Phase

  • The market and competitors haven't been studied properly;
  • Business processes covered by the product haven't been scrutinized;
  • The business goals and success criteria of the product aren't clear;
  • Product functionality isn't fully described;
  • All stakeholders and their responsibilities haven't been clarified;
  • Project estimates have been exceeded;
  • End users and their needs haven't been investigated;
  • The planned technology stack doesn’t meet the project's needs.

Benefits of a Discovery Phase:

  • A clear vision of the product for the whole team;
  • Planning based on facts from expert research;
  • An ability to avoid numerous business risks;
  • Efficient use of time, budget, and human resources;
  • An ability to adapt the project to your budget;
  • The development team clearly understands your needs;
  • Optimization of development costs;
  • You can plan budget expenditures with enhanced accuracy.

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If needed, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level;

We submit a comprehensive project proposal with estimates, timelines, CVs, etc.

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