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A WMS with Advanced Features for a Large Wholesaler

Tom Mertens

Tom Mertens

Head of IT

"Andersen completed the project on time and met all requirements"

A WMS with Advanced Features for a Large Wholesaler

About the client

Andersen collaborated with a large wholesaler looking to capitalize on next-gen warehouse management features. They wanted to replace their outdated and ineffective ERP system with a custom-built IT solution with advanced functionalities.

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Project overview

Andersen was approached by the customer willing to replace its outdated and ineffective ERP system with a custom-built and tailored-fit IT solution with advanced functionalities. Andersen was entrusted with developing such a WMS platform.

The fundamental business challenge, in this case, was to ensure constant and smooth tracking of thousands of different items processed by the supply chain. It was in particular difficult to issue ordered stocked items since numerous client orders cover and contain multiple items which are stored across different warehouse locations. As a result, ineffective item picking operations generated customer delivery errors and delays. These issues were to be addressed ASAP.

To sum up, the company needed to improve all aspects of order management, including shipping, notifications, and labeling. As an outcome, overall traceability and increased performance were to be ensured on the basis of optimized inventory control, order picking, product assembly operations.

duration15 months
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WMS dashboard with statistics and tailored item search


The envisioned WMS system was expected to be capable of managing and controlling every aspect of the customer's the supply chain while ensuring total traceability and live stock visibility. On top of that, it was required to be able to generate KPI reports. Andersen's task was to redesign the customer's warehouse flow processes and to modify its operational methods. Owing to this, the customer's business efficiency, flexibility, and agility were expected to increase significantly.

The implementation of the new systems platform was ensured with two distinct phases.

  1. After a strategic and operational review of the customer's needs, the Andersen team decided to conduct a proper Discovery Phase first. A one-month-long business analysis stage took place then to identify IT project requirements, choose an optimal technology stack, estimate projected costs, plan the project as a whole.
  2. After that, the development stage started. The crucial steps taken by the Andersen team in this respect encompassed:
  • Seamless integration with the customer's web online payment system, both front-end and back-end, as well as with its delivery system
  • Implementation of EDI interfaces to ensure real-time notifications on order shipping operations and related conditions
  • Building the interface to assign picking operations, direct replenishment activities, and integrate the entire cycle of cycle locations' counting

App functionality

  • Readily and easily available performance data, so that supervisors can seamlessly access it and generated KPI reports
  • Capabilities for centralized data integration and validation as well as the ability to recognize and make use of cross-docking opportunities
  • Stock availability statuses accessible in real-time, so that orders cannot be accepted unless the ordered stock items are available
  • Advanced tracking capabilities to group orders by routes, conveniently prioritize them, and present them to operators in a sequential way
  • Ability to generate barcoded labels containing pre-determined sizes and categories. Such a label, after being scanned, directs the putaway operator to the correct zone and location of the item
  • Warehouse zoning, i.e. definition of access roles by groups, menus, menu options, screens, individual users, and job roles

Project results

The main result was the fact that the customer’s service levels were instantly improved. Items are circulated with greater efficiency and less time needed to handle the workload.

  • Advanced tracking and automation of the order fulfillment process has cut labor costs by 23% and doubled productivity;
  • Barcoded labels and real-time inventory visibility have made it possible to achieve a 99% increase in picking accuracy;
  • Real-time order tracking and notifications with EDI integration have enhanced delivery speed and accuracy;
  • Customizable warehouse zoning has improved efficiency and accountability with role-based access for all warehouse staff.

Customer review


Tom Mertens

Head of IT



The most impressive things about Andersen were their superb planning practices and their timely delivery. Andersen's team completed the project on time and met all the initial requirements. They would always make sure we were constantly synchronized regarding what needed to be done and by when.

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