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Andersen's customer, in this business case, was a vendor of real-time sports betting technology. The business focuses on transforming live data into engaging consumer-facing apps, encompassing fantasy sports contests, betting, social games, etc. While working on a challenging kiosk-based betting software solution, the customer realized they needed assistance, with both desktop engineering and QA, from a highly-skilled and dependable tech partner.

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Business Context

The customer wanted to obtain a compliant, protected, and easy-to-use sportsbook and white-label gaming solution for kiosks. The industry is both competitive and tightly controlled, so they expected to get deliverables of the highest quality.


Since the customer's core business domain is heavily regulated, the compliance guidelines, norms, and safety standards are particularly challenging. That is why they approached our skilled and experienced QA team and asked for software development support.

Project overview

The resulting sports betting software solution is a desktop app installed on kiosks. The user journey implies brief sessions of interactions with the digital product – when users choose relevant sports and particular events via it and place bets with ease.

Duration13 months


WPF, XAML, LINQ, REST/JSON, Jenkins, TestRail, Allure

Visual concept

App functionality

White-label products – i.e. products intended to be used under different brands – need to be both stable and sufficiently customizable to match industry standards. In conformity with that, we ensured that the customer's product has the functionality for:

  • integrating different data flows;
  • setting varying prices and rates;
  • configuring languages and currencies with ease.

In addition to that, our specialists generated dependable testing documentation and highlighted several actionable recommendations accepted by the customer.


The key project task assigned to us was a QA-related one, but we also provided the customer with two developers. Thus, our contribution can be divided into two parts:

  • Development of the white-label betting solution;
  • Implementation of a manual and automated QA initiative, covering all potential issues.

Project results

The participation of our team in the project met all expectations voiced by the customer concerning their white-label sports betting platform:

  • Andersen's QA specialists set up an effective testing flow from scratch;
  • They also helped introduce the best-matching testing tools;
  • The entire solution was covered by QA;
  • Detailed documentation was submitted.

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