About the company

Sema is a US-based startup working in the tech domain. Their portfolio includes two products aimed at improving code reviews. Andersen, as a source of custom web dev expertise, was mostly involved in the implementation of the Sema code review product.

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Business Context

As a growing startup, Sema offers a web app for code reviews that provides users with data synced with GitHub and assists them in building a healthy code review culture by analyzing code and highlighting personal and team achievements.

They reached out to our company to increase the growth of the product team, find modern solutions for the implementation of their GitHub Sync functionality, and identify new growth areas for their business development plan.


While working on this project, our team was focused on developing intuitive software for code review, seamlessly accessible via the browser and capable of providing end-users with perfectly corrected data. The resulting extension was expected to be feature-rich yet simple-to-use and intuitive.

Project overview

The resulting automated tool for code review is effectively a Chrome Extension that syncs companies' GitHub data and enhances code review comments on GitHub. It allows users to search for commonly used snippets, auto-generate summaries, and add tags.

As a result, users are free to conveniently categorize various aspects of their code and use data from code reviews in respective developer portfolios. This data is visible through the Sema Dashboards of the web app, which includes interactive visualizations, filters, the ability to build their own developer portfolio, and more.

Duration14 months
Vanilla JS
Visual concept

App functionality

The range of code review plugin functionalities encompasses:

  • GitHub Sync that allows users to get all data from the repositories of an organization, analyze, and categorize them;
  • Snippet functionality for creating quick and precise code reviews;
  • Tag functionality that simplifies review processes;
  • Comment functionality that enables a user to add comments using a collection of available snippets and add personal and team-specific snippets;
  • Ability to view team-level statistics together with personal code reviews;
  • Developer portfolios containing data synced with GitHub;
  • Badges of achievement, intended to motivate and engage end-users.


Andersen's collaboration with the customer resulted in exactly what was expected. The startup obtained a web platform that facilitates more effective code reviews, enables code review summaries, and highlights achievements.

Thanks to our involvement, the customer can now enable their end-users to access, analyze, and categorize data from repositories. They are able to create portfolios and add comments via available snippets.

Personal and team-level results are visible on the platform, along with team statistics and personal code reviews. All these features are accessible via a single, highly-functional, and user-friendly extension.

Project results

  • A highly-functional and user-friendly web extension developed in full and on time by our speciaists experienced with code review apps;
  • Potential to enhance the corporate culture, fostering transparency among developers and showcasing their achievements, which is essential when applying for new positions or seeking promotions;
  • Identification of new directions for the customer's business development efforts.

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