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A FinTech Solution for an Online Bank

Financial Services
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A FinTech Solution for an Online Bank

About the client

The customer is an online bank headquartered in Central Europe. It offers trading services to B2C clients, enabling them to invest and trade wherever they are and giving them tools that make their activities efficient, secure, and cost-effective. Thus, the customer offers a mix of multiple applications that are either cloud-based or hosted in the neobank's data centers in their country. Some of these applications have been built in-house, and some developed by third parties. Since their launch in 2020, the customer's team has grown to over 150 people.

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About the project

In order to support this growth, Andersen's team was entrusted with creating the Front-end part for one of the customer's applications. This is an Angular web-based application that works as a user banking portal where clients can perform their banking operations. The portal allows users to monitor and set up their accounts, create new accounts, make payments, and extract reports covering their accounts.

duration6 months

Capabilities and Features

I. Asset viewing

This page enables end-users to view data segregated by assets as a mockup.

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II. Secure withdrawals

Here, end-users can whitelist addresses. Whitelisting is a security feature of the Address Book that ensures crypto withdrawals are only being sent to designated addresses. As such, it allows users to withdraw funds to verified addresses in a secure fashion.

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III. Crypto asset sending and receiving

With this feature, clients can send and receive crypto – to other and from their crypto accounts – by using whitelisted addresses.

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IV. Crypto transfer between Investo accounts

This functionality allows users to transfer cryptocurrencies between their accounts, selecting accounts to send and receive money. Moreover, it is possible to send as much crypto as a user wants.

V. Activity tracking

On the activity page, a client can view the histories of their accounts.

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Project results

  • Revolutionized banking experience: the intuitive and user-friendly interface empowers clients to easily manage their finances and investment portfolio expeditiously, leading to a twofold growth in the bank's client base;
  • Enhanced security: the advanced security features, such as whitelisted addresses for secure withdrawals and activity tracking, provide clients with an added layer of protection for their assets;
  • Flexibility and increased control: the sending and receiving of crypto assets and their transfer between the app's accounts allow clients to easily manage their funds and have more control over their investments;
  • Exceeded client expectations: the high-performance and responsive design coupled with a wide range of features and capabilities has resulted in an impressive 87% user satisfaction rate.

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