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A Plug-in for Offering Personalized Trips

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A Plug-in for Offering Personalized Trips

About the client

YHOT is a spinoff of a well-known travel market player – LAYA. This company is known for its simplified booking, higher average daily rates, more booked room nights, and fewer cancellations. The business is trusted by over 100 distribution systems for real-time access to rates.

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Project overview

Andersen, with our extensive experience in custom travel solutions and travel ERP software systems, was approached by a startup. Their goal was to obtain a solution that would free tourists from the tedious and time-consuming process of travel planning. The company had already raised a significant amount of seed investments to achieve this objective but still struggled with hiring a stable team to deliver the first viable version of the envisioned product. In addition, managing a multinational and distributed workforce without mature development procedures in place was another challenge.

duration6 months



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UI/UX design of the website's home page

Andersen was asked to provide Senior-level software specialists to apply the best industry practices and remove bottlenecks in such areas as UX/UI design, back-end development, and DevOps. We began with assessing and understanding the customer's needs and key pain points, which allowed us to select the best-matching professionals to augment the customer's team and assume responsibility for the main engineering areas.

The project was completed on time and with 100% of the deliverables implemented. Within just one month, the customer managed to attract its first end-clients, which is a testament to the success of this project.

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UI/UX design of the About us page of the website


To begin with, the needs and key pain points of the customer were assessed and grasped. This allowed us to select the best-matching professionals to augment the customer's team and assume responsibility for the main engineering areas. All IT experts had relevant track records of developing travel software, including complex ERP systems for travel agencies. Thus, the project successfully covered the following three dimensions:

  • UX/UI. One of our Lead designers analyzed the backlog of design tasks and assessed how user-friendly product currently was. This ensured a stable design process, aligned with the Product Owner's vision, and improvements to the UX/UI;
  • Back-end. Three Back-end engineers joined the customer's in-house team seamlessly and doubled the development speed. This became possible owing to their hands-on skills acquired in various other projects, including data-intensive travel ERP systems;
  • DevOps. A Senior DevOps engineer set up the process of continuous deployment and backups to make new releases smooth and professional.

Andersen also provided a Project Manager on a part-time basis as an additional service. This helped to facilitate the overall culture of task setting, reporting, and communication in the team. The founders were able to focus more on the product itself, generating new ideas and working on new business opportunities rather than on operational activities.

Project results

  • The innovative features implemented by our team have cut transit time by 10% and significantly improved overall service quality;
  • The accuracy of real-time data has improved by 20%, optimizing logistics operations and providing valuable insights for end users.

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