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A Solution for BSS Software Testing

Megan Raney

Megan Raney

Head of Development

"Andersen's high-level professionals have helped us reduce costs and facilitate testing process"

A Solution for BSS Software Testing

About the client

In this case, our customer was an international BSS provider. It delivers solutions for Telecom companies by transforming and modernizing their IT systems and integrating billing systems for mobile network operators.

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Project overview

The customer is an international BSS provider with 30 years of experience in telecommunications, operating across 18 countries and providing solutions for telecom companies via transformation and modernization of their IT systems. Nexign develops and integrates billing systems for mobile network operators. As such, this company is a technology and market leader in terms of software solutions delivered for the telecom industry, with a focus on BSS development, deployment, and maintenance.

Due to the constant introduction of new and the modernization of existing client services, the customer faced increased costs and had to spend more time on such initiatives. Consequently, the company decided to reduce the time needed to test all these services without increasing the process costs. As the customer cooperated with mobile network operators, there was a need for a reliable system able to carry out the monitoring of the subscribers' profiles and balances. Andersen was contacted to address this need.

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Andersen’s specialists have successfully developed the needed solution for automating the testing process of the customer’s products via the TORS sub-system. Owing to a number of implemented advanced features, this solution makes it possible to efficiently test the interaction between new and already existing services, with no need to deal with increased costs (which would be impossible with manual testing).

As for the mobile network, Andersen’s team has implemented a product containing all the basic functionalities to bill subscribers — e.g., their statuses and balance controls, notification systems, control of receivables, etc. It is a high-load system created by developers paying close attention to performance and robustness requirements.

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The solution's features streamlined by automated tests

Project results

  • The automation of the testing process has led to a 50% cost reduction;
  • The satisfaction rate among mobile network operators using the developed solution is 86%;
  • The testing process has become 65% faster.

Customer review


Megan Raney

Head of Development



One day, we approached Andersen to get assistance with testing. Thanks to the work done, we've received a software solution that allows us to implement new services much faster and at the lowest cost. Testing now takes less time, and the productivity of our employees has increased. Thank you so much for your cooperation, I hope we will be able to cooperate in the future.

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