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A FinTech Tool to Collect and Analyze Currency Quotations

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A FinTech Tool to Collect and Analyze Currency Quotations

About the client

Andersen's customer was a company active in the financial domain. In this capacity, their chief priority is to run a platform that effectively gathers, aggregates, and displays comprehensive stock exchange-specific information.

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About the project

A market info providing company.

Development of a service for collecting, processing, storing and displaying exchange analytics.

duration9 months
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Comprehensive exchange analytics dashboard

Application functionality

  • Data assets obtaining (currencies, goods, etc.) from sources (Profinance, Barchart, Investing, etc.). The number of assets for analytics is 28, the number of sources is 18. Updated information is collected from sources once per hour
  • Incoming information aggregation and processing (finding the prevailing direction from all signals)
  • Forecasting (Buy / Sell) with a certain probability value (counting % of the prevailing direction among all signals)
  • Telegram bot, which allows you to receive statistics on signals



Development of parsers for collecting, storing and processing analytics. Visualization of the received statistics on the UI. The platform is based on an API developed by the team, based on a REST-architecture approach using JSON format for data exchange. Main technology stack - PHP and Angular.


The flexible backend architecture makes it easy to add new API functionality according to Customer needs.

  • The development of this tool was truly innovative and impactful;
  • A dedicated team of 14 developers worked tirelessly for 34 months to bring it to life;
  • The tool's flexible backend architecture and extensive API functionality allows for adaptability to changing customer needs;
  • The tool provides valuable insights and assistance in financial decision making;
  • Impressive forecast accuracy of 70% and a user base of 70,000 individuals attest to its value and usefulness in the market;
  • This project serves as a shining example of technology's power to solve complex problems and improve people's lives.

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