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A Dental Business IT Solution


"Andersen's team deserves to be praised for effective management and communication"

A Dental Business IT Solution

About the client

TaskDent is a team of doctors, IT engineers, and business analysts offering professional software for dental and medical practice owners to deal with daily practice financial data management, bookkeeping challenges, and analytics tasks.

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About the project

Andersen was approached by TaskDent to develop a reliable solution for securely storing sensitive records that would be instantly accessible from any dental business location. TaskDent's previous method – using spreadsheets – proved to be ineffective in handling that heterogeneous data. With our assistance, an MVP of cloud dental practice management software was developed.

The result is a scalable data processing system built using Angular, React, and PHP technologies. This dental practice management system features a user-friendly interface, a monitoring dashboard, a metrics-tracking capability, user profiles and access rights, an intelligent structure of calculations and charts, convenient data input, and bookkeeping and financial monitoring capabilities. TaskDent's founder, Ali Bayat, praised our team for their contribution.

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Main page with all the necessary tabs and charts
duration10 months


Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS



Additional services:

Software Architecture, BA, PM, UI/UX, DevOps, QA manual

Project details

An all-in-one dental practice management platform with a user-friendly interface and an advanced monitoring dashboard, offering accurate and timely tracking of all the metrics of a dental business. The platform is capable of receiving and arranging data from all industry-specific data sources and websites and makes it possible to effectively manage accounts, revenues, expenses, etc. Andersen’s task was to ensure that this dental practice management system would be able to obtain, store, process, and provide easy and HIPAA-compliant access to multi-faceted data. There are plenty of data points encompassing information about dentists and their performance, patient medical records, healthcare facilities and their incomes, expenditures, etc.

App functionality

  • Functionality for tracking income, expenses, and overall financial status, ensured by up-to-date metrics and analytics algorithms;
  • User profiles and access rights defined by admins only;
  • An intelligent structure of calculations and charts based on the uploaded numbers;
  • Convenient data input (both manual and automated uploads) and report generation based on this data;
  • Assignment of daily and monthly tasks to prevent any discrepancies;
  • Increased scalability and simpler integrations and migration ensured thanks to AWS-based data;
  • Implementing techniques like lazy loading, code splitting, caching, and Server-Side Rendering for performance optimization;
  • Implementing security measures like CSRF protection, sanitizing user input, etc.

Project results

  • A feature-rich, customizable, and all-in-one solution for dental care financial monitoring has been developed and released by our team;
  • Easy bookkeeping, financial tracking, and analysis;
  • An SEO strategy and promotion channels have been defined after we conducted a professional analysis of competitors' traffic/ad activities;
  • The product's potential to be customized for other clinical specialties;
  • Secure cloud-based data processing and storing ensured by restricted access;
  • Immediate access for all subscribed users to the reports and up-to-date analytics of HCP's financial data;
  • Promotion across the entire US dental industry.

Customer review

Ali Bayat

Founder of TaskDent


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Andersen successfully built the ordered financial management solution for the dental care industry from scratch, in conformity with the list of features provided. Their team can be praised for outstanding and caring management, with an effective and clear communication flow and total dedication to customer satisfaction.