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A Location-Based Mobile App

About the client

In this case, we cooperated with a Europe-based startup. They wanted to obtain a geolocation-based mobile application for socializing.

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Project overview

A Europe-based startup contacted us with a request to build a mobile application based on geolocation. The main idea was to create a unique social media and networking tool that would allow people from the same region, city, or country (depending on their settings) to share their opinions on various vacation spots and choose a place to relax based on user rating, feedback, and real photos and videos. The list of the desired functionality also included a convenient search for users and the capability to send messages via the app. Thus, the app was expected to ensure the opportunity to not only share opinions and stay updated on the reviewed spots but also find people to communicate with.

duration6 months
Google Maps APIs
Android SDK



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Start screen, the interactive map, and customer reviews

Project solution

To begin with, we conducted the necessary research. Andersen's specialists studied the project requirements that the customer had put forward and assessed the main functionalities and UI of the envisioned application. Also, our experts conducted a Discovery phase based on the documentation the customer already had at their disposal. Three weeks later, Andersen's team started working on the IT project.

Key functionality

The resulting user journey and functionalities ensured by our team are as follows:

  • 1. Sign Up.
    After the app is installed, the first step is to register. Andersen’s mobile development experts have made this stage user-friendly, intuitive, and quick: a user enters their name and specifies their gender and the city they live in. Then, it is necessary to authenticate a phone number via SMS.
  • 2. Places.
    After logging in, a user specifies the city and type of places they are interested in: cafes and restaurants, museums and art galleries, sports facilities and playgrounds, swimming pools, SPAs, beauty salons, and other categories.
  • 3. Map.
    The interactive map added by our mobile developers enables you to track other users in your area and displays recommended and featured places.
  • 4. Interactions between users.
    With the interactive app at their disposal, users can see the information posted by other people in the area. User profiles also display recently visited places. If you are interested in meeting another person and going out together, you can send an invitation. Once a meeting is confirmed, a user-to-user personal chat is automatically created so that you can jointly discuss and select a place and time to meet.
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Tourist attraction description and direct messaging

Project results

Andersen's team has completed the project with all deadlines met, and the customer has obtained the very app they wanted. Since the resulting solution is easy-to-use, intuitive, and liked by end-users, the customer is going to further collaborate with Andresen to introduce new features and expand the existing functionalities.

  • The app saw 98,000 downloads shortly after its launch, demonstrating its popularity among users;
  • The solution received a rating of 4.9 on the App Store, indicating its strong quality and performance;
  • 96% of users reported a high level of satisfaction with the app, demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting their needs;
  • The customer plans to continue working with Andersen to introduce new features and expand the app's functionality, proving their confidence in our team's expertise.

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