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A Smart City Mobility Platform

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A Smart City Mobility Platform

About the client

In this business case, we worked on a European smart city platform intended to digitally connect cities and municipalities, with sustainability in mind.

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About the project

Andersen was approached by a business pursuing an ambitious smart city project. The goal of this business was to obtain a solution ensuring a higher level of sustainability in digitally connected cities and localities. As such, this solution was expected to unify and streamline heterogeneous city-wide data flows, enable end-users to pay for various urban services via their digital IDs, and promote sustainable and environment-friendly businesses via dedicated regional marketplaces. The customer successfully implemented a pilot project for a small municipality. After that, they faced the challenge of scaling this solution up and adding new functionalities to it so that it could be applied in every city. It was decided to use the white-label approach to enable various municipalities to easily adopt and customize the product. However, the customer lacked resources and expertise in the UI/UX domain. That's why the company contacted Andersen.

Entrusted with such an ambitious task, our specialists set up and guided the design process. Andersen also reinforced the customer’s in-house software development team with its seasoned Full-stack engineers. As a result, it became possible to build a highly scalable cross-platform application with the maximum number of smart city functionalities possible in a single product.

duration6 months
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The UX/UI experts have envisioned and created a design concept that included a library of key design elements. The library can be quickly customized according to a set of services that a particular local version of the solution has.

The developers working as part of the customer's team helped to engineer a user-friendly platform via the most up-to-date frameworks. Hence the solution was, from the very outset, built as an easy one to deploy, maintain, and support.

Andersen also involved one of its experienced BA specialists to help the customer split the high-level functional requirements into development tasks. As a result, the entire development process was set up and managed in a truly professional and cost-effective way.

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Project results

Andersen’s contribution has led to such impressive results as:


quicker deployment in new cities


more municipalities that can simultaneously adopt the solution

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