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A Sales Management System for a Large Retail Business

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A Sales Management System for a Large Retail Business

About the client

In this business case, Andersen's customer wanted to obtain a solution for sales management that would be perfectly tailored to the needs of a large Retail business.

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Project overview

Andersen team, in partnership with the client, created a sales management system for offline stores and points of sale. With the help of mobile applications on the tablet, consultants placed an order, got customer cards, connected them to the loyalty system, and sent the completed order to the checkout. In the Sales Console, cashiers performed the payment and issue of the order. For mobile non-stationary points of sale, a hybrid scenario was used where the roles of the consultant and the cashier were combined.

duration15 months
Concept illustration
The order summary page on a consultant's tablet

Application functionality

  • Consultant's Sales Point with online store and basket
  • Sales Console for cashier
  • Reports and Dashboards for Managemengt
  • Loyalty system and discount management


We used Salesforce Lighting Components and SLDS to ake our UI responsive and workable on Salesforce1 mobile application.

Project results

  • Andersen's customized solution is tailored to the needs of a large Retail business and its loyalty and discount management systems;
  • The customer experience is significantly improved thanks to the new mobile app and the streamlined checkout process;
  • Sales rose as a result of the new sales management system;
  • The technical support costs reduced after switching to Salesforce Cloud.