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An Advanced Platform for Remote Learning Upgraded by Andersen

Matthias Urban

Matthias Urban

VP Development PRE-A

"Andersen ensured high-quality deliverables in an adaptable fashion"

An Advanced Platform for Remote Learning Upgraded by Andersen

About the client

Process Robotic Easy-Automation is a software engineering company specializing in the development of eLearning platforms and authoring tools. Their mission is to make digitalization easy for companies, and they support their clients at every development phase.

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Project overview

This IT project successfully implemented by our team was dedicated to improving and upgrading the PRE-A eLearning platform. The purpose of the platform is to provide end-users with advanced capabilities to generate and manage various content for remote education.

Andersen's Front-end, Back-end, and QA teams involved in this eLearning platform project pursued several objectives. The end-users needed more than just the ability to create eLearning materials within seconds and with a few clicks and tailor these materials to various requirements.

It was required to enable users to distribute digital content via a single centralized platform. In addition, they needed a reliable channel to cooperate with other authors, eLearning content creators, education officials, and course and knowledge managers.

As a result, the companies interested in this solution were expected to be able to attain training objectives related to their employees. On top of that, they needed to have convenient access to professional documentation to do so.

duration45+ months
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User account page with course details and statistics

App functionality

  • Capability to record and play lessons, as well as to create presentations in a fashion similar to PowerPoint. Lessons, in this case, denote simple screens that record and display user actions (e.g., mouse clicks, keyboard input, etc.) in prompts;
  • Capability to save and store various eLearning resources, files, and meta-info covering the latter. In addition, it is possible to track the current state of previously generated educational materials, manage access rights, and monitor the general progress made by end-users while studying these materials;
  • Capability to convert files of various formats to PRS files supported by the platform. This feature enables content-creating end-clients to benefit from the capabilities offered by similar eLearning platforms and use their external content via the platform;
  • Capability to use the automatic search function based on their current contexts (EXE, etc.) to quickly find the right content for a specific user request, situation, or context. In addition, a capability of playback in a separate window is provided for the content they find;
  • Enabling universal access, encompassing diverse needs. Includes alt text, keyboard navigation, semantic HTML, and screen reader support;
  • Ensuring the web app is responsive and provides the best possible experience across different device types and sizes.
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Dashboard with the course progress and schedule


Andersen's developers acted as an extended team. In this capacity, they assisted the customer in developing their remote learning platform in strict accordance with the best industry practices and under the guidance of an industry-experienced Project Manager.

Project results

  • Improved user experience: the upgraded digital eLearning platform offers advanced capabilities for end-users to generate and manage various content for remote education;
  • Increased collaboration: the platform enables users to distribute digital content via a centralized platform, allowing for easy cooperation with other authors, education officials, and course managers;
  • Increased effectiveness: users reach their learning objectives and have convenient access to professional documentation;
  • Flexible content management: the platform allows users to save, store, and manage access rights to various eLearning resources, files, and meta-information. Additionally, it can convert files of various formats to PRS files.
  • As a result, we have made this eLearning platform 50% more effective.

Customer review


Matthias Urban

VP Development PRE-A


Review verified by clutch and matches the customer’s words

Andersen is adaptable, asks follow-up questions, and ensures quality deliverables. They came up with several ways to effectively use Jira and streamline workflows. They provide the main part of the development, quality management, and are involved in product management. The input that we give them isn't always ideal, but they ask the necessary questions to ensure top-notch results.

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