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A Data Processing Tool for Production and Logistics

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A Data Processing Tool for Production and Logistics

About the client

The customer was a European flooring manufacturer. In order to stay resource-effective, they needed an advanced and comprehensive internal data system to control and run their production and logistics operations.

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Project overview

The main goal was to optimize and automate the customer’s activities.

Andersen’s work on this project encompassed both the fields of ERP systems and the Internet of Things. The scope covered three IT sub-projects delivered for the customer’s European branch, including an Android-based app to effectively manage the entire chain of production and logistics.

duration32 months
Symfony 2
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Platform's dashboard with cargo transportation details


In general, Andersen’s team ensured the delivery of an optimized app. It proved itself to be 100% capable of gathering, scrutinizing, and arranging all available data that would cover both the present condition of the production and logistics process as well the required historical data. On top of that, Andersen’s experts added valuable functionality to show previously omitted data types. Finally, the Andersen team also developed a tool to automate the product accounting process across the customer’s stores for merchandisers and supervisors.

App functionality

  • Capability to monitor, track, systemize, and assign statuses for each piece of transported cargo
  • Dynamic maps displaying the customer’s stores with related inventory
  • Smooth, customized, and up-to-date reporting capability with seamless communication functionalities (e.g. generation of report templates built on a tailored-fit mixture of criteria and filters)
  • Real-time availability of information (i.e. the capability to easily assess and merge all data stemming from particularized logs as well as to record data for the purpose of measurements and further optimization activities)

Project results

With this complex IT project properly implemented and delivered, the customer managed to achieve much higher levels of business efficiency. Among other things, the following positive business developments were observed and reported:

  • The customer’s transportation costs fell by 10% owing to the custom-built route-planning software
  • The customer’s items and products are now under constant surveillance and control concerning the applicable environmental regulations
  • Availability of the Interactive map used by merchandisers and supervisors made it possible to cut associated spending on logistics further by 9%
  • The customer’s internal data systems were thoroughly optimized

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