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A Virtual Mobile Operator Solution

Eric Morrison

Eric Morrison

Eric Morrison

"Andersen's UI/UX expertise is really impressive, we enjoyed working with their team"

A Virtual Mobile Operator Solution

About the client

Kolombo is a North American business providing a platform for mobile virtual network operators. Its core field of operations is selling and managing virtual calling plans. The tech basis of their activities is constituted by an app that functions as an admin panel.

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Project overview

Andersen was contacted by a North American business providing a platform for mobile virtual network operators. The company's core field of operations is selling and managing virtual calling plans. The tech basis of their activities is constituted by an application that functions as an admin panel with different access rights and levels of the calling plan management. This platform features such capabilities as adding devices for individual users, creating calling plans, and managing those devices and plans as a whole, rather than separately. In this fashion, the customer seeks to be more effective than their competitors.

In order to achieve this goal, the customer asked us to add productive changes and deliver a range of improvements within the platform. Namely, Andersen was entrusted with the front-end part to make the platform more competitive and user-friendly.

duration6 months


Azure containers, Gradient Able

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To fully match the customer’s expectations, our team assumed responsibility for the following areas:

First and foremost, the customer wanted Andersen to envision and create a more user-friendly interface. In order to accomplish this task, we applied our UX/UI expertise to craft a minimalistic, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. We also generated outstanding styles for pages, tables, modal windows, and application forms.

Then, we provided the customer with the capability to interact with application tables and added such functions as deleting, adding, and filtering a table, as well as adding and deleting various columns.

On top of that, we have ensured proper differentiation of access rights for users so that they can only see the information assigned to them. This differentiation was also ensured for such aspects as editing, creating, and shifting to certain pages. The range of applicable filters was also differentiated depending on users’ rights.

To make the platform customizable, our Front-end experts added some branding capabilities, so every user can change the look and feel in accordance with their needs — add the name of their company, logos, and slogans shown to end clients.

Finally, we contributed to forms used to add users and plans, validation forms, modal windows, graphics, parsing capabilities, and the interaction with the API back-end.

As a result, Andersen's team has successfully introduced significant improvements to the platform.

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Project results

Improvements and updates introduced by our team of experts have made the customer's digital platform more attractive not only for Canadian virtual mobile operators but also for large investors. The number of the customers' clients increased by half within the first month after the implementation of new features. As a result, the company has managed to significantly increase its share and strengthen its leadership in the domestic market.

  • Revenue increased by 30% within the first quarter;
  • Improved user experience has reduced client defection by 25%;
  • Customer satisfaction has improved by 15%;
  • The company has achieved a 70% reduction in client support inquiries due to more intuitive platform navigation;
  • Streamlined operations have resulted in a 15% increase in efficiency;
  • The product offers increased flexibility and scalability;
  • Security is ensured with advanced authentication and data protection measures;
  • Cross-functional collaboration and decision-making has been improved thanks to customizable reporting and analytics tools.

Customer review


Eric Morrison

Eric Morrison



The main task that we set for the Andersen team was to create an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. Their work was well-coordinated, all deadlines were met, and, as a result, we obtained a platform with updated features and an influx of new customers. Andersen are true professionals in their field, so I will undoubtedly turn to these guys for help.

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