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A Complex IT Project for a Growing iGaming Company

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A Complex IT Project for a Growing iGaming Company

About the client

Andersen's customer was an ambitious and growing iGaming company. They needed a software development vendor capable of matching all the applicable standards of security, compliance, intuitiveness, and engaging UX.

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About the project

A platform that integrates with game aggregators via API.

Development of a payment gateway for merchants and payment service providers (PSP) in accordance with PCI DSS requirements.

duration11 months
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Web and mobile versions of the iGaming platform

Application functionality

  • Connection to payment system (input / output, cashback)
  • Redirecting leads to game aggregators, and money on the Rush side
  • The ability to track and manage payments for all orders in one window, check transaction logs to avoid fraud, upload reports in CSV and XLSX formats
  • Connecting CMS for the page
  • Ensuring the initiation of payments
  • Customization of pages in WEB system with the appropriate CMS system



The platform is based on an API developed by the team, development of the front-end part with CMS with integration with payment systems to input/withdraw.


  • Requirements and design were thoroughly prepared and effectively implemented;
  • Flexible architecture allowed for easy integration of new API functionality to meet customer needs;
  • Human error was reduced, resulting in a more efficient and reliable platform;
  • Connection to payment systems allowed for seamless input/output and cashback options;
  • Payment tracking and management in a single window and transaction log monitoring helped prevent fraud;
  • Integration with a CMS system to allow for customization of pages.

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