About the company

The customer was a British clearing bank. Its corporate objective is to reveal new horizons of transparency and compliance for the national financial domain. Working in the capacity of "a bank for banks," the customer concentrates on such services as payment processing for other financial companies.

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Project overview

The work scope assigned to our team included both front-end and back-end tasks. All the improvements needed to be covered with informative and actionable documentation.

Duration11 months
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Business Context

The customer's priority is to apply cutting-edge technologies to turn its core offerings into an unprecedentedly cost-effective and fast service package via a single, simple dashboard. In order to outcompete rivals, the company's payment clearing and processing services, based on their in-house system, must be comprehensive and protected, encompassing Visa, Mastercard, SWIFT, and all other players. Andersen was approached as a tech partner in this respect, since we are an IT talent pool with many FinTech payment solutions behind us.


In order to win the race for new clients, the customer's system, functioning in a heavily regulated and competitive market, was to simultaneously match all their requirements and the best industry standards in terms of speed, safety, reliability, usability, and accessibility.

App functionality

Andersen's experts in online payment processing software were involved in a number of different subprojects and split into different teams. Namely, they provided assistance with:

External development portal:

  • Complete system redesign;
  • Optimization of navigation;
  • Addition of a new geographical region;
  • Update of system dependencies.

Internal development portal:

  • Update of dependencies;
  • Tackling of potential security problems;
  • Development of new functionalities for the DORA metrics;
  • Engineering and improvement of the performance reporter part;
  • Update and improvement of the documentation section;
  • Migration of the DLQ monitor section.


The contribution made by us fully matched the customer's expectations. Andersen's specialists updated their current code, delivered the new functionalities they requested, modernized and supported their already existing functionalities, and helped to effectively address all security issues.

Project results

Andersen has helped the customer achieve the following goals:

  • Total number of vulnerabilities in the customer's payment software solution has been reduced by 99.5% (those of the moderate-to-critical type have been reduced by 100%);
  • Code has been updated and refactored — libraries are now 2 years old instead of 5 years old;
  • Code building is now twice as fast;
  • General documentation for the project has been submitted in full;
  • Migration to a more modern stack has been initiated.

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