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A Finance Solution for Online Payments and Card Issuance

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A Finance Solution for Online Payments and Card Issuance

About the client

Decta is a Latvia-based FinTech company. It offers online services in the field of SWIFT online payments and fast card issuance.

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About the project

A company providing services for organizing the acceptance of online payments and card issuance.

duration12 months
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DECTA's account overview page for online payments

Application functionality

  • Track and manage payments for all orders in one window
  • Creation and management of invoices with the possibility of customization
  • Ability to issue and manage virtual cards
  • Ensuring the initiation of payments
  • Administration module for platform with a different hierarchy of rights
  • Creation and management of subscriptions, recurring
  • Dynamic descriptor and "long record"
  • MOTO payments



The platform is based on an API developed by the team, based on a REST-architecture approach using JSON format for data exchange.


  • Our solution's flexible architecture made it easy to add new API functionality to meet customer requests for payment automation;
  • Introduction of modern payment gateway led to a noticeable growth in merchant customers in the first 6 months after implementation;
  • Modern payment gateway also significantly reduced fraudulent transactions;
  • Platform includes administration module with a hierarchy of rights and features such as subscriptions and recurring payments, dynamic descriptor and "long record," and MOTO payments.

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