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A Digital Patient Engagement Platform

Life Sciences
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A Digital Patient Engagement Platform

About the client

The customer is a major pharmaceutical company with a long history of developing and producing life-saving medications and treatments. As a true leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, it is known for its research-based approach to innovative solutions. Andersen was entrusted with building a patient engagement solution for this company.

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About the project

The customer approached us with a request to develop a digital patient engagement solution providing tailored information to patients and promoting positive lifestyle modifications, contributing to better adherence to medical care. Andersen developed a web-based platform with a flexible architecture enabling different versions to be created in different countries. It enables the customization of settings and the creation and management of localized content via a custom web Content Management System (CMS). The platform provides a device-agnostic, personalized, and multi-channel content delivery service augmented with push notifications sent to people living with certain chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes was used for the MVP) and their caregivers during a specific period of time, as required by a treatment plan. The service was precisely designed to engage, inform, and empower end-users and facilitate care-optimizing actions through the timely delivery of pre-configured short messages via user-preferred communication channels. From these short messages, users are redirected to a web portal where they can get valuable insights about the disease and how to live with it, complete quizzes and questionnaires, track their progress and health status, receive rewards for their achievements, etc. Andersen's team paid special attention to the UI of this patient engagement platform to make the user experience enjoyable and provide users with all the necessary information needed to make informed decisions.

duration6 months


Java, Spring Boot, Amazon Aurora


TypeScript, React, Amazon Cognito/OAuth (JWT), RESTful API, styled-components, Semantic UI/Material UI/Own UI kit


Terraform, Packer, Git, Ansible, AWS, Amazon ECS, Amazon ELB, Amazon CloudFront, RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, Single VPS, microservices, Kubernetes

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User profile overview


Andersen was requested to build a disease-agnostic patient platform for type 2 diabetes patients and other potential groups of patients, as well as resolve specific challenges faced by the customer:

  • Contributing to better patient rehabilitation practices and outcomes by enabling patients to improve their condition after being diagnosed with a chronic disease;
  • Ensuring globally relevant designs and delightful user experiences;
  • Meeting all necessary security, privacy, and ethical standards​;
  • Developing a device-agnostic, personalized, multi-channel (email, SMS, and several messaging systems) content delivery service allowing patients to have positive ownership of their disease and be informed of where to seek help and support;
  • Creating a global ‘parent’ platform architecture that facilitates quick, easy, and cost-effective delivery of locally oriented versions with easy customization by local admins;
  • Delivering a scalable, adaptable, and secure web CMS​;
  • Effectively scaling the system if the demand dictates​;
  • Ensuring total compliance with legal and corporate standards.
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Daily user session

Application functionality

  • Sending messages to users via their preferred communication channels (SMS/push notifications, WhatsApp, Facebook, email);
  • Clear and simple UI of the web portal, adapted for specific user groups;
  • Ability for patients to share their progress and information with caregivers and other registered users (flexible system of permissions);
  • Highly customizable user content distributed by the pharma patient engagement platform. Patients can set content preferences during registration and adjust them while exploring the app. Sophisticated system of dynamic tags for the automatic adjustment of content preferences based on the user's interest in a particular subject and results of recurrent questionnaires and daily mood trackers;
  • Well-elaborated system of user badges, achievements, and encouraging messages to help maintain users' adherence at a high level;
  • Quick and easy creation of locally oriented versions of the developed pharma platform to allow local administrators to customize aspects of each version based on the local market features and specific patient groups;
  • Easy access to, localization of, and creation of content through a custom-made web CMS;
  • Integration with third-party services and websites.
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Registration and preferences
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Architecture Overview

Project Results

  • High level of acquisition: about 70,000 new users in the USA and Europe within the first 6 months of the program implementation;
  • Increased patient awareness about the management of their chronic conditions, which causes a shift to positive ownership of the disease, improved mo