About the client

In this business case, we acted as a subcontractor hired by a quickly growing digital agency based in England. Their core business is related to producing modern websites and mobile apps.

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About the project

The mission of the car parking management software project discussed here is to contribute to smarter urban mobility by bringing together lot owners and drivers in densely populated areas.

Duration6 months
Mobile application
Mobile application

Business Context

Finding a place to park a car is a real quest in modern cities. Therefore, the idea of a parking management app was proposed to enable lot owners to offer their spaces and make the life of drivers easier. Andersen, as a center of custom software expertise, was contracted to assist with building such an app.

App functionality

The resulting parking marketplace makes it possible to:

  • List vacant parking spots and generate money from them;
  • Book and pay for such lots in advance;
  • Specify the time of parking and the locations of lots;
  • Find and filter spots by cities, venues, transportation facilities, etc.;
  • Pay on an hourly, daily, or even monthly basis.


The parking software that our team has helped to build aims to transform parking practices by digitizing parking assets. As a result, parking options become more accessible, while car journeys become smoother. A full-fledged digital parking network is supported by this app, making the UK's transportation landscape more affordable, transparent, and usable.

Project results

  • All deliverables related to the ordered parking software solution have been submitted in full and on time;
  • 70,000 excellent reviews.

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