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The Rivo Online Movie Theatre

Media & Entertainment
Liam Göran

Liam Göran

Product owner

"Andersen is a professional firm that knows its business pretty well"

The Rivo Online Movie Theatre

About the client

In this business case, our customer was a US-based media company offering a popular online movie streaming platform. This company has contracts to show digital content provided by leading copyright holders, such as Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and more. The content is available in both North and South America.

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Project overview

Andersen was entrusted with upgrading a video streaming platform run by a US-based media company. As a market player offering a wide variety of video content and working in an extremely competitive domain, this customer wanted to improve their solution. Andersen's team was contracted to take part in a range of sub-projects, including the optimization and improvement of the website, development of a movie streaming app for smart TVs, and integration of an app for viewing content through TV tuners based on the Android system.

duration22 months
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Web and mobile screens of the movie platform

Andersen's team of experts, with their extensive knowledge of media development, was totally up to the challenge and quick to start working on this movie streaming solution. A thorough and comprehensive requirements analysis was performed by us, resulting in the identification of over 1,000 metrics and the creation of an intention-based design in partnership with experienced UI/UX designers. With a focus on enhancing user experience, our team worked diligently and tirelessly to incorporate five innovative features aimed at reducing the bounce rate and increasing the average time spent on the platform by 35%. The engineering team also added analytical data collection capabilities, as well as algorithms for reporting.

The hard work and dedication of our specialists have resulted in significant improvements and growth for the online movie streaming service platform. Their product owner, Liam Göran, expressed his satisfaction with our work, stating that we are a professional firm that truly knows its trade and offers skilled engineers who provide innovative solutions and care about delivering high-quality work.


Being well-versed in media development, Andersen’s specialists were engaged in completing a wide range of tasks:

Intention-based design

On the sidelines of working on the website, Andersen’s business analysts delivered requirements analysis resulting in the examination of 1000+ metrics and creation of intention-based design in cooperation with highly experienced UI and UX designers. Dozens of working hours were spent to find 5+ innovative features to reduce the platform’s bounce rate and increase the average time spent per visit by 35%. QA engineers did complete bug fixing and regression testing to exclude possible malfunctions on the updated platform. Finally, the development team added and improved the functionality for collecting analytical data, developing and adding algorithms for reporting.

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Page with movie selection according to genre

Creation of an app for Smart TV

Within the framework of making the app for Smart TV, we started with overall bug fixing in the already existing applications for Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, and TVs from other manufacturers. After the business analysis stage, UI and UX designers created a user-friendly interface targeting general public users. The last step was the realization of an up-to-date and high-functioning application with the launch time reduced by 25%.

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Page with detailed a movie description

Integration with TV-tuners

While integrating the application with TV-tuners, Andersen’s team executed a full cycle of new application development. The previous version of the application was redesigned to make it attractive and simple for Xiaomi Mi Box users and users of 90% TV-tuners from other manufacturers.

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Page with upcoming movies and recommendations

Project results

  • 36 million monthly views of the website developed with our assistance;
  • 10 million downloads of the application on TV-tuner;
  • 15% growth of paid subscriptions with the Smart TV service;
  • 200 000 downloads of the Android app;
  • 10% website traffic growth since the bugs were fixed and new functionalities added;
  • The improved design and innovative features led to a bounce rate reduction and a 35% increase in the average time of each visit.

Customer review


Liam Göran

Product owner



Having worked with Andersen's team for more than a year, I would say that this is a professional firm that knows its business pretty well. This vendor offers skilled developers that have great ideas, provide innovative solutions, and truly care about doing a good job. Thank you, guys, for everything you have done for our online movie theatre!

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