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The customer chose to protect their confidential information

A Paperwork Optimization Solution

About the client

Andersen successfully collaborated with a Scandinavian law firm seeking to improve and optimize its practice via advanced document management.

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Project overview

Andersen was approached by a law firm facing serious difficulties with paperwork.

The firm's legal staff had to spend too much time manually inputting repetitive data – its lawyers would spend hours working on documents. These activities definitely could be and needed to be automated.

In addition, many of these documents existed in different versions, which would inevitably create too much confusion. The software that the customer tried to use – Microsoft Excel – offered insufficient conditional calculation capabilities. As an outcome, the customer's team struggled with a constantly growing number of numerous error-prone file versions.

Finally, the customer wanted to be able to automatically recognize potential security flaws and securely work with sensitive data.

duration8 months
Microsoft Azure
Amazon CloudFront
Microsoft Clarity
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File storage with filters and convenient management


As a result of our involvement, the customer is now in the right position to save both time and money. The law firm is enabled to work in a more cost-effective and optimized fashion and can focus on legal and business challenges rather than on tedious paperwork. The benefits ensured by the custom-built software suite include:

  • Greater productivity. The solution delivered by our team relieves the burden of manual inputs of repetitive data. For instance, legal professionals can simply open the solution and choose a pre-made template;
  • Workflow optimization. Andersen has helped the customer with effective collaboration options and eliminated the need to process multiple versions of the same files;
  • Advanced calculations. The complex conditional logic and calculation capabilities added by our specialists have automated the firm's document and spreadsheet workflows. As a result, data analytics is now a matter of a few clicks;
  • Mitigated error risks. The templates our system generates are tailored to the customer's business needs. These templates are generated in a fashion that requires no additional editing or input other than personalized information. Thus, they prevent any errors;
  • Leading security practices. Andersen's solution offers two-factor authentication. Advanced access control safeguards also limit access to data. Finally, we have equipped the software with version control to add transparency to edits and alterations made.
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Template generation functionality

Project results


greater speed of doc generation, automated calculation, and conditional logic


less time spent on repetitive paperwork


lower incidence of human errors

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