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A Logistics Solution to Manage Supply Chains and Freight

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A Logistics Solution to Manage Supply Chains and Freight

About the client

Shypple is a Dutch company offering an advanced platform for supply chain and freight management. It optimizes complex supply chains via a transparent, convenient, and easily accessible real-time booking process.

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Project overview

This IT project was dedicated to developing a platform to optimize complex supply chains via a transparent, convenient, and easily accessible booking process in real-time.

From the outset, the envisioned solution was seen as a platform enabling its users to search, filter, and book freight forwarding options. The key idea was to make this process as accessible and easy as possible, with rates, conditions, and schedules of different carriers displayed in real-time. On top of that, this web application was intended to help its users with real-time updates on their shipment progress, instant communication capabilities, and other collaboration tools.

duration10 months
Ruby on Rails


React, Redux, TypeScript


Ruby on Rails, Redis



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Conveniently displayed freight shipment information


Andersen's team of skilled and experienced specialists worked in close contact with the Shypple team. In full compliance with their requirements, the following IT project deliverables were provided: Back-end development of the server-side logic; definition and maintenance of Shypple services; high performance and responsiveness. Meanwhile, the Front-end development was focused on the user interface. In this way, Andersen's developers created an intuitive, responsive, and well-functioning look-and-feel.

App functionality

  • Shypple is capable of connecting all parties involved in supply chains, such as shippers, suppliers, agents, etc. With it, one can effectively and expediently manage high shipment volumes and make data-driven decisions to optimize their logistics operations
  • The solution offers an all-in-one range of booking, planning, delivery, and communication functions
  • Via Shypple's API, effective data flows between different systems can be secured

Project results

  • Streamlined the shipping process and increased efficiency by providing clear timelines and milestones;
  • Saved money and improved operations by reducing error-induced costs;
  • Created a revolutionary platform that connects networks and integrates data flows for seamless global trade;
  • Improved inventory management and eliminated invoice errors, resulting in a more profitable and efficient business.

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