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A Desktop-Based Investment App

About the company

Andersen was approached by a startup based in Saudi Arabia. The startup required assistance with developing a desktop-based FinTech platform aimed at enabling local residents to invest in a variety of financial instruments, including government securities, as well as bonds and shares of both domestic and global companies. One key aspect of the project involved implementing a "trust management" functionality. That is, the resulting solution was required to serve as a channel for investments in the platform itself so that the company could assume control of that money to generate profits for clients.

Location:Saudi Arabia
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Business Context

This FinTech project was delivered within an outstaffing framework – all involved managers were from the customer's company, and we provided the entire QA and development team. Therefore, from a technical standpoint, we assumed full responsibility for this investment management-focused initiative.


When crafting this investment app compliant with local legal and cultural guidelines, our team successfully dealt with the following tasks:

  • Development of an MVP within tight time and budget constraints;
  • Management of a small team of six members, with 2-4 specialists from our company.

About the project

The customer seeks to provide innovative investment, financial planning, and wealth management opportunities. Its chief corporate priority is to combine strict adherence to regulations and norms pertinent to the Gulf region with greater flexibility to promote financial inclusion. In order to achieve this goal, a modern FinTech app – user-friendly, compliant, and protected – was ordered.

Duration24 months
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Investment Window Page
Investment Window Page

App functionality

In this FinTech case study, the development process was based on:

  • A microservice architecture with isolated services;
  • Asynchronous communication between microservices via RabbitMQ;
  • Integrations with third-party services, encompassing brokers, the local national bank, and payment systems and services

A significant number of tasks for executing the code on schedule were resolved by our team, including such capabilities as:

  • Sending messages and requests;
  • Collecting data from third-party services;
  • Renewing subscriptions;
  • Purchasing shares and securities;
  • Making transfers;
  • Analytics, and more.


The resulting solution is notable for:

  • A fully dependable microservice-based architecture that provides for the maximum stability possible;
  • Protected cloud deployment;
  • Seamless and safe integration with key payment providers.
Wallet Balance Page
Wallet Balance Page

Project results

Speaking about the contribution made by our specialists in this FinTech case study, we can point out the following results:

  • The project was implemented from scratch, on time and within budget;
  • A fully functional MVP – i.e. a desktop-based app – was delivered;
  • Real-world clients are already being served, with their transactions being properly processed.

The next milestone for us will be to move forward with building iOS and Android mobile apps.

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