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A Finance-Specific Platform for Virtual Events and Fairs



"Andersen’s BA assigned to our project is doing a good job analyzing our system."

A Finance-Specific Platform for Virtual Events and Fairs

About the client

Andersen's customer was a company seeking to adapt the exhibition industry to the new COVID-affected reality. Their intention was to digitize fairs and events for exhibitors and attendees.

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Project overview

The product delivered by Andersen in this case is a web app used to organize virtual trade fairs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it makes it possible to showcase goods and services, attend virtual booths, and get in touch with exhibitors and attendees.

duration14 months


AWS, .NET, C#, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework Core


MySQL, DynamoDB


Docker, Git, Microservices, Linux

App functionality

  • Creation of Exhibitors' virtual tradeshow stands
  • Video calls between trade show's participants
  • Product creation
  • Meeting schedulung based on round robin principle
  • Personal profiles management
  • Webinars
  • Products/exhibitors mass uploading
  • Reccomendations algorithm
  • Trade show management system
  • Dashboards
  • Trade show's and exhibitor's chatbots
  • Notifications
  • Chats between trade show's participants
  • Plans and payments
  • Onboarding

Project results

  • Andersen's business analysts implemented proven streamlining processes which cut the time needed to approve project requirements by half;
  • The improved clarity and traceability of requirements resulted in 30% less time spent on software development;
  • Our developers achieved a 90% on-schedule release rate;
  • Cutting-edge platform features were devised, including virtual tradeshow stands, video calls, and more.

Customer review





Andersen’s BA assigned to our project is doing a good job analyzing our system and dive into the logic to identify customer needs. This specialist has a keen mind in terms of creating valuable requirements based on deep analysis and is a result-oriented person. I'm pleased to work with Andersen and can be sure that all needed aspects will be covered.

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