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An EHR System for Inpatient and Outpatient Hospitals

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An EHR System for Inpatient and Outpatient Hospitals

About the client

The customer was a Middle Eastern company providing prescription-based EHR/PMS solutions for hospitals. They needed to revamp their existing solution, making it match all the local legal requirements related to handling patient medical data within a single medical center or external facilities.

Location:Saudi Arabia
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Project overview

The customer is the Middle East company providing EHR/PMS prescription-based solutions for inpatient and outpatient hospitals. They requested a revamp of their existing solution to ensure it complied with all the local legal requirements on inputting, storing, processing, displaying, and transferring patient medical data within a single medical center and between external facilities.

New solution needed to be easily adjusted to the needs of medical personnel of different specialties by constructing the needed questionnaires or documentation (lab or pharmacy orders, referrals, etc.). The system includes patient scheduling module, billing module, CPOE functionality, advanced CDSS, practice management module, prescription module, warehouse management module and integrations with inner/outer laboratories/pharmacies. The system also provides the interaction between the patient and the hospital with the web-based patient's portal.

duration9 months


Redux, React


Java, Spring Family frameworks (Boot, Core, Data, IP integrations), Hibernate, Redis, KongHQ



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EHR screens with questionnaire details and statistics

App functionality

  • Scheduling module with physician reminders, patient recall, and ward planning options;
  • Reporting on the practice management workflow: workload dashboards, patient statistics, and claim management;
  • Customizable patient charts aligned with the clinic's needs and physician's specialty;
  • Ordering system for sending patient's samples to a lab;
  • Clinical decision support system (allergy alerts, drug-drug interaction);
  • E-prescribing module for sending recipes to the pharmacies.
  • Telemedicine functionality (patient-provider communication);

Project results

  • The EHR system is highly efficient and is easily customizable to the needs of medical personnel of different specialties.
  • The system includes advanced clinical decision support, practice management tools, and TeleMedicine functionality.
  • The web-based patient portal enables patients to easily interact with the hospital and healthcare providers, improving communication and access to care.
  • The implementation of the EHR system has led to a higher patient satisfaction rate, an increase in clients, fewer adverse drug reactions, and fewer medical errors.

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