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An Entertainment Solution for Radio Content

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An Entertainment Solution for Radio Content

About the Client

Our customer was a team working in digital marketing and interacting with advertisers, affiliates, and end-users. They provide end-clients with a multi-tenant app (aka script) giving them access to a range of micro-task-based marketplaces. This solution features a combination of sophisticated referral systems, earning schemes, and wallets. The main problem was the fact that the customer's app was too outdated and needed critical updates.

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Project overview

Speed, security, and cutting-edge features are crucial in such a dynamic industry as digital marketing. The customer's system was developed during the 2000s and hence had obvious data safety-related issues and vulnerabilities. The system was even hacked on several occasions; moreover, the cyber criminals successfully withdrew money from it. Also, the solution's UI was too old-fashioned and inconvenient to use. What made things worse, the system was developed on the basis of obsolete technologies that were impossible to refactor.

Andersen was entrusted with thoroughly reworking it. Namely, we were requested to add a new Radio streaming module, improve the UI to ensure a better user experience, and take care of the app's security.

duration5 months
.NET Core
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The UI of a radio streaming module with favorites list

App functionality

The resulting system is notable for such advanced capabilities as:

  • Collecting radio stations from different sources;
  • Providing end-users with the ability to listen to them online;
  • Enabling users to mark their favorite radio stations;
  • Calculating the overall rating and providing users with a list of the most top-rated stations;
  • Recording how much time users spend on listening to the stations and enabling them to earn points for that;
  • Transferring, replenishing, and converting the previously earned points to real currencies (the system is integrated with payment systems and crypto wallets).


Andersen's team offered the customer an optimal path to update the system interface and add new modules while preserving their resources. The development team created new endpoints for the old back-end of the application. As a result, it became possible to create a new front-end for the app. In addition, Andersen's team envisioned a new design, updated the app interface (i.e., its front-end), and added new modules to the system. It was also important that these modules were completely based on a modern technology stack. Also, the security systems were enhanced.

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Project results

Thanks to its partnership with Andersen, the customer obtained the following valuable deliverables:

  • An updated tech stack that is the basis for the system and its operations. Thus, it is now easier to maintain the system and introduce changes. In addition, the system now functions at a greater speed. It is also easier now to find developers to take care of the updated system;
  • A new application module, which significantly expands the functionality of the system. Hence, the customer now can win new users and boost their revenue;
  • A newer, nicer, and more user-friendly application interface;
  • Higher system security levels.

It is noteworthy that the customer obtained the requested functionalities 15% faster than expected and agreed (the budget was saved too).

  • The requested functionality was delivered to the customer 15% faster than expected;
  • The platform has experienced a 20% increase in downloads since the update thanks to the added cutting-edge features.

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