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A DAM Solution for a Media Company

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David Sharon

David Sharon

Senior Manager

"Andersen completed their work on time and in the most effective way"

A DAM Solution for a Media Company

About the client

Andersen's customer was a media company based in the EU. They were struggling to centrally store their digital assets and media files to ensure their seamless usage by all employees. Also, their workflow management across teams was getting extremely complex and challenging to handle.

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Project overview

A media corporation based in Poland with digital marketing being their main focus had to manage a large number of images, logos, and video files for numerous accounts and across multiple teams located in different areas. The challenge was exacerbated by the sheer scale of their digital marketing activities.

Andersen was approached by this business from Poland, with a request to create a custom DAM solution that would make collaboration and management of digital assets seamless and more effective. The scope specified by the customer covered:

  • Enabling easy collaborations between various team members spread across different locations;
  • Making it possible to process and edit digital assets on the cloud via a simple-to-use and intuitive CMS;
  • Reducing the size of images and videos without compromising on quality by using AI technology.
duration15 months
Amazon CloudFront
Microsoft Clarity
JavaScript PHP
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Dashboard for joint file management


Once the needs and key pain points of the customer had been thoroughly assessed and understood, Andersen was in the right position to envision and suggest a unique DAM solution that would be created and tailored specifically for them. The IT project was divided into three main parts:

  • A file compression solution using AI to reduce the size of image and video files;
  • Access management and version control capabilities;
  • Seamlessly stitching the DAM solution based on the above-mentioned components.

First and foremost, our team of expert software developers started working on the compression and AI mechanism to reduce the file size without compromising on their quality. As a result, an reliable custom solution capable of reducing the size of an image by 40% with no quality lost was delivered. It is also noteworthy that the tool can process and modify both images and video assets.

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Gallery with file details and descriptions

The access management and version control system was another key deliverable. It was developed in full conformity with the customer's requirements. Thus, the company can now restore its files to any previous version. They can also track who made a particular change in their files. These capabilities, as a whole, were developed and hosted on the public cloud, with all the security layers and encryption needed to prevent unauthorized access.

Thus, Andersen has successfully crafted a DAM solution perfectly suited to the customer. The new capabilities have already helped the company improve its operational efficiency by ensuring timely delivery of orders for the agency's end clients. The solution has also helped them reduce page load time through the smart compression of media files and save money for media file distribution via CDN across the globe.

Project results

  • The DAM solution custom-built to the specific needs of the customer has improved their internal collaboration and digital asset management;
  • The AI-based media file compression solution reduces image and video file sizes by 40% without compromising on quality, improves operational efficiency, reduces page load time, and saves money on media file distribution via CDN;
  • The access management and version control capabilities allow the company to restore files to previous versions and track changes made to files.

Customer review


David Sharon

Senior Manager



We had been working together on the project for about a year and a half. Andersen's team managed to create a bespoke Digital Asset Management solution that has helped us cope with all our pain points. In addition to the AI mechanism, the key achievement of this solution is a unique access management and version control system. We are really satisfied with the result, as all deadlines were met and the work was done as efficiently as possible.

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