About the project

Telecommunications company providing some of its products via the dedicated sites. A Call Center responsible for the basic customer support on a 24/7 basis.

duration15 months


ClickHouse, ELK, Perl, Ansible, Terraform

Concept illustration
The customer support flow provided by Andersen's team

Service functionality

  • Dedicated VOIP system setup
  • JIRA Service Desk + Confluence Knowledge Database
  • Agreed SLAs for each type of request
  • Registration of incoming calls to the ticketing system
  • Regular reporting
  • Manuals section on each site


Andersen Call Center took responsibility for all issues and inquiries coming by phone from the customers of the client product sites. A team of 6 specialists provided customer service support on a 24/7 basis according to the agreed service level details. They also made sites self-help area improvement actions that helped to decrease the number of such requests.

Visual concept


  • Structured frontline customer service processes
  • Increased percentage of satisfied customers from 73% to 90%
  • 24/7 customer support team availability
  • Developed self-help section on each site

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