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Andersen was approached as a custom marketing software development company by an independently owned research agency from the UK, which works there and in several other regions. Their core domains include food, beverages, and personal and household care products.

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Project overview

Andersen was tasked with helping the customer understand the range of future functionalities, as well as with implementing and testing them in a real-world software solution.

Duration32 months
Сost estimates
Сost estimates

Business Context

Willing to become even more flexible, effective, and competitive, the customer initiated a business process automation project. Obtaining a modern CRM marketing solution was an integral part of this plan.


The customer already had some CRM-related project documentation at their disposal when contracting us; however, it was outdated and not properly structured.

App functionality

The software solution we contributed to includes:

  • Advanced reporting capabilities;
  • Custom cost calculators;
  • Seamless and protected integration with a range of third-party services.
Сost estimate details
Сost estimate details


Andersen provided the customer with a system specifically tailored for market researchers. In today's landscape, it is truly one of the most effective marketing CRM examples. Among other things, the product is capable of generating detailed statistical reports for end-clients that order marketing research.

Project results

As a result of Andersen's involvement, the customer has gained a competitive edge. For instance, they can now obtain information concerning the costs of third-party services needed for marketing research with a much greater speed.

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